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Bride & Lens takes our award-winning wedding and event services and intertwines them into a tailored creative image planning approach designed for prominent couples on how to create positive and powerful impressions throughout their event photography and videography without feeling uncomfortable, fake, or like you are telling your vendor how to do their job.

Does this sound familiar? The love of your life proposes (or vice versa) and now you dive full-force into the unknown of wedding planning! Maybe you hire a planner, coordinator, or maybe you Do-It-Yourself.

First things first! You know you will need vendors, and you come to find out that photography and/or videography are ESSENTIAL to capture all the hard-work and investment you put into all the details. You hire amazing creatives to do so! In fact, you find out that the investment is significant for those creatives to capture your day. It's worth it and you get it knocked out!
At this point, you may have already made a mistake. As a seasoned wedding videographer & photographer for celebrity clients, all the way to small-town elopements, I see a lot, hear a lot, and advise a lot of brides through Dalton Young Weddings™. Like many brides who may be shopping for the first time in the wedding creative market, there are a lot of variables. Instead of shopping based off of price and "What's included?", there are a lot of other variables that make or break wedding photo and video. Just know this, the market is very subjective in the world of experience, location, equipment, and reputation.


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Our couples are not average people, and they don’t want an average wedding film. 

Does this sound like you? 





You're a perfect fit. This is for brides who want the best photos & video.


The two main reasons for photos and videos that are good, but not great, come down to the following:

1. Hiring a photographer/videographer based off the wrong criteria.
2. Depending on them to handle your photography and videography needs without educating yourself.

This is where we step in. As a wedding image planner and consultant, we guide you through the hiring process, and also through the process of knowing how to get yourself, MoH, MoB, and even Groom involved with taking your photos and videos to the next-level!

We want you to be comfortable, not fake. Our team will guide you through the "do's" and "dont's", help you plan your day in advance, and even be at your wedding alongside your creatives if needed to ensure everything goes smoothly!

Great photographers and videographers don't like to be told what to do. Even though you hired them with your money, you hired them for their creative style and that is something you want to let them do. They are best at it. We advise you on how to actually help them. Collaborate with them. We teach you how to get involved, look your best, and have an understanding of the in's and out's so that you actually make their job easier by being prepared and effortlessly know the things they need, and things they don't.

Why is this important? Your photo and videos were not only a significant wedding day investment, but they also represent your day to the world, and will live with you for decades to come.

Here is how I explain it to most people. The wedding cake is AWESOME! So delicious. The cake alone is wonderful, but the icing on the cake is really what makes it pop aesthetically.

Let's showcase your wedding photos and video and make it pop!

You planned your wedding, now let's plan your memories! 

Dalton was the perfect choice for our wedding. He was responsive, adaptable, professional, and enjoyable to be around. He captured our day beautifully. As an artist myself, I was impressed by his detailed and visionary work and the timeframe he was able to complete our incredible video within. My husband and I highly recommend him for any special occasion!

“Incredible Choice"

-Karley F.

Dalton is a great guy and great at what he does! He answered any questions we had, arrived earlier than planned, and had our video finished in 13 DAYS! The video exceeded our expectations and we are so glad we have this option to rewatch our day over and over again!

“Exceeded Our Expectations"

-Summer C.

Dalton is extremely professional. He takes great pride in his work and is very helpful. He makes certain to capture all the important moments at your event while still getting all the action going on around you. We are very happy with the final results. Forever memories. He was great.

“Dalton did the video of our 25th anniversary"

-Terri B.

My wife was really the one to do the wedding planning but this guy showed up on the wedding day, put a mic on me, and was so kind, following us around for every moment of the wedding day! He returned a professionally edited video to us just a month after the wedding day, and we were very impressed! I highly recommend.

“Great videographer—got this groom’s vote!"

-Jacob K.

When my wife and I got engaged, we knew we wanted to have a videographer capture our special day. Dalton with Dalton Young Weddings was recommended to us. Shortly after working with Dalton, we understood why. His priority was to ensure that he captured what was most important to us, from pre-wedding preparation with the bride, groom and attendants, to the wedding ceremony, and wedding reception. Dalton captured moments for us that we weren’t able to see ourselves with everything going on and did a tremendous job! Cannot say enough about the quality of this vendor and the product that they deliver! Highly recommend a videographer to future couples and Dalton with Dalton Young Weddings.

“Phenomenal Videographer!"

-Jacob K.

We are so happy we went with Dalton as our videographer! If you don’t think you need one for your wedding, think again. We were thrilled with the highlight video he made for our wedding! He really caught great moments, and I didn’t even notice he was filming most of the wedding because he was so discreet. I highly recommend his services!

Navarre Beach Wedding

-Paige Y.

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Feel comfortable, look natural, and have a blast doing it! 

Luxury Creative Image Planning
Photo & Cinema Bridal Design
Avoid Common Bridal Pitfalls
On-Site Coordination Options
Bridal Image & Style Consultation
Wedding Image Quick Reference
Creative Vendor Hiring Support

Wedding - PartiaL

Investment: $2500

Luxury Creative Image Planning
Photo & Cinema Image Design
Avoid Common Image Pitfalls
On-Site Coordination Options
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