10 Poses That Will Make You Look Fantastic in Wedding Photos!

Cute Wedding Poses

One of the most important things on your wedding checklist should be having wedding photos in which you look amazing. It’s a fact that when you look back at your wedding album and video, you will love to see how fabulous you both appeared in the moments captured on your special day. So what are the wedding poses that will make you look your absolute best throughout these timeless memories: both in photos and videos?

Hug from behind pose

According to many couples and also professional photographers and videographers, the hug-from-behind pose is the one that is considered a must. This wedding pose conveys real emotion, plus enables the photographer to capture a detailed look at the front of your dress or suit.

A dance rehearsal pose

Photographers and videographers create this pose by asking the couple to have a little romantic dance in front of the camera. While this may seem awkward, we are experts at making this look adorable. These movements can be the same ones you have prepared for your first dance if you wish. This way you get playful and fun moments for the video, but most importantly it creates movement.

Walk away together pose

In general, men tend to be reluctant to pose, so this candid walking pose is an amazing idea. For engagement sessions, we actually prefer to start with this as it breaks the ice and gets you moving. You can take your partner’s hand and stroll away from the camera (and then back of course). It’s an intimate, romantic scene, and one of the many weddings poses that are essential for a wedding highlight film!

Cover your groom’s eyes pose

There is a belief that the groom should not see the bride before the ceremony, so incorporate a hint of this tradition in the shoot. The bride covering the groom’s eyes looks so meaningful and heartwarming in photos, and by capturing it you can create truly unique wedding memories.

First look pose

The point at which the couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day is sweet and romantic. While not technically a pose, several moments throughout the encounter become key moments in your wedding gallery. You should definitely have such a photo in your album. This moment looks stunning in the wedding video because it is inherently intimate and special, particularly when it has been shot in private.

The face-to-face pose

This is one of the most traditional wedding poses, but it has stood the test of time for good reason. Stay very close to your partner’s face, and close your eyes to up the romance element. Caress your other half’s face for a more personal touch on your wedding film. The golden hour is the best time of day for these shots!

Spontaneous laugh pose

What can be simpler and more honest than a couple laughing together? While you are relaxing, smiling, and telling jokes, the photographer will take shots and your videographer will put these beautiful moments on your wedding video.

Gentle forehead kiss pose

This kiss looks very sweet and helps to show your connection on camera. By kissing your partner on the forehead, or on the top of the head, you achieve that dedicated and pure love look in photos. It is one of our favorite weddings poses to shoot.

Passionate kiss pose

Do this and you will feel like a movie star when you get the final photos and videos. This pose shows how much love and passion is burning between the two of you. Having it captured will always be a reminder of how strong your love is.

Not posing pose

Perhaps one of the best tips for wedding poses: forget that there is a photographer or videographer on the other side of the camera. This will make the final result more natural-looking. The key to good photography is simplicity and acting naturally. We call these candids and they are a big piece of our photo-journalistic style!

Our best, honest advice is that you shouldn’t try too hard because one of the best wedding poses is to not pose at all!  Enjoy the shooting and have a good time with your partner while doing it, and if you choose our Florida wedding photography team, Dalton Young Films, we promise a pleasant relaxed experience and even more beautiful final results! Head over to our contact page if you wish to connect.

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