5 Posing Ideas For Your Wedding Videos!

Destin Bride and Groom walking down beach.
Destin Bride and Groom walking down the beach.

As a professional videography company, we’ve been listening to our couples say they do not want to do forced or unauthentic-looking wedding video posing. If you want a more natural pose, this is part of the responsibility of the videographer to help you achieve it, but there are steps that the couple can take as well. 

How can you get the wedding pictures to look natural while also having the bride and groom look lovely in their once-in-a-lifetime video at the same time? Let’s have a look at some posing tips to help you get the perfect wedding poses and enjoy your wedding videography to the fullest!

Avoid the front-facing position.

It is preferable to avoid the front position, but instead to be positioned at an angle. Resting your weight on one hip will also create a flattering curve in your figure; try to turn your waist towards the camera as much as possible. This posture will add a touch of dynamism. The phrase we often use with the bride is “Sit into your hip”. Trust us, it works! There is also the “Kiss with your teeth” phrase… Lol, but we won’t get into that now. Next, we will talk about smiling though.

Smile, smile, smile!

Smiling always works; even though you may be self-conscious about your smile, images and videos with smiling faces are always much more attractive, and what you think of your smile may well be not what the world thinks. We also are really good at making you look flattering in wedding photos and videos! Your wedding day is a special moment, so happy expressions are a must for your wedding video posing. If you don’t want to show teeth, smile with closed lips, and use your eyes and a natural facial expression to full effect! A slight smile can give a sweet but more pleasant look. Honestly, a mixture gives you the most variety so mix it up! However, the biggest thing to know is that letting go of the stress and just enjoying the moment with your beloved looks gorgeous every time.

Looks and facial expressions are the keys.

We don’t recommend you look directly at the camera unless you are asked. Looking elsewhere will give the impression that there is no videographer involved and make the wedding video posing more natural. We refer to these as Candids. To carry out this technique, you can look at your partner or some detail of the dress. You can also focus your gaze in a thoughtful way or towards the horizon line while making some light gestures.

To avoid fatigue and the feeling of facial strain, you can do some simple exercises such as closing your eyes a few seconds before the videographer starts filming or blinking for a moment very quickly so that you will once more appear relaxed. Whisper something softly that would induce a candid smile or caress the face of your partner. For an ethereal moment, look deeply into each other’s eyes. If we need you to look at the videographer, we will tell you, but for the most part, you will always be focused on following the photographer’s cues.

Let’s get moving!

Avoid staying rigid, and perform some actions in which the videographer can take advantage of the movement. We can suggest a few. Take a short walk, caress your partner’s hair or his face, or act as if you are adjusting an accessory, such as his tie, your bouquet, ring… etc. Take turns, cross your legs or arms, put a hand on your hip, and move from time to time! In contrast to photography, where the poses are static, when it comes to videos, movement and being dynamic are everything and bring the film to life.

During that short walk, maybe walk away from the camera, towards the camera, holding hands, whispering something in her ear, laughing, smiling, and bumping into each other. The possibilities are endless honestly. We are always happy to help you with any questions or to offer recommendations in the local market, whether or not you choose to work with us! Our biggest thing is that you have an amazing wedding experience, and we want you to know you can trust us as a valuable resource and insider opinion. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more wedding video posing tips or to book a professional team for wedding videography in Florida!

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