5 Tips For Movie-like Cinematic Wedding Videography Highlights

Destin bride holding tropical wedding flower bouquet
Destin bride holding tropical wedding flower bouquet in Florida

So, you have already booked all the vendors, your wedding date, and the venue, what’s next? Every person who wants their special day to be filmed perfectly on film will appreciate some advice from industry professionals who give wedding videography tips to brides planning their weddings almost on a daily basis!

Your photos and wedding video will immortalize and capture all the moments of your wedding, and you will relieve them anytime you want. As always, we are there for you, and we will provide you with the best advice based on our own destination wedding experience to make your intimate cinematic wedding videography like a scene from a movie.

Act as natural as you can

For an optimal cinematic wedding film, the bride and groom should look comfortable and like natural in front of the camera. This creates an authentic and genuine feel to the footage while we capture the wide array of emotions throughout the day.

Although most couples are not actors by default, couples should try to put passion into these moments trying to forget that a camera is recording them. That’s when the magic happens, and only the best wedding videographers know how to make these moments like an Oscar-winning movie scene. We call these candid moments, and they are what truly make award-winning wedding videos.

Involve your loved ones in the story

One of the best tips for a wedding video is to engage the other protagonists of your story, the most important people in your life: family and friends. There are many ways to achieve this: Dedicating some inspirational words to the bride and groom or preparing a surprise, for example, are sure ways of guaranteeing that there will be some tears when viewing the wedding film.

Chose a romantic video scenario

The location where the video will be made is fundamental, as this will form key memories that will remain with you forever. The most common sites are the beach, a church, a barn, or a private wedding venue. Without a doubt, any of these spots can appear like a movie scene with the right decor, and a talented Florida videography and photography company will create and deliver some amazing cinematic wedding videography (we call this wedding cinematography).

Further opportunities for special shots come just before the wedding, with the preparations and all the stunning detail. It is a day of many emotions, and wedding videography specialists are trained to catch every detail, from the bride getting her final touches to the groom waiting for her already at the altar.

Customize the scene according to your love story

In the end, it is your love story, and it should be told as you want it to be. You may wish to add a poem or phrase in the cinematic wedding videography that identifies you and your partner, and that is a beautiful detail. Maybe you are both nature lovers, so doing some video shots outside in the natural scenery will add greater meaning.

However, we suggest you listen to the professionals. On many occasions, the advantage of having made hundreds of wedding videos means that videographers have a different perspective from that of the bride and groom and can offer excellent advice.

Choose your style of music.

Having a wedding film that vibes with your style is super important. Although most popular songs are not available for commercial licensing at a reasonable rate, you may have a specific style you would like and those preferences can be considered during the editing process by your videographer. Maybe you prefer a country sound, or R&B vibe, or just want something that is high-energy or slow and emotional. These inputs will ensure you love your film while allowing the videographer to tailor your wedding film to their style and portfolio.

Our team can provide wedding videography in Florida (and abroad) and can offer some of the best tips for making your wedding film like a scene from a movie. So if you are thinking about hiring a professional cinematic wedding videography team, we’d love to hear from you and be a part of your special day!

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