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The couple shares kiss after Panama City Beach wedding ceremony.
Erin & Chris share a quick kiss after their Panama City Beach wedding ceremony.

‘I’m a man and I’m crying,’ said the groom as his bride walked towards him on the sandy Panama City Beach. She too had tears in her eyes and it was a moment worth capturing for a Florida wedding videographer. Chris the groom had such an incredible sense of humor and he was so well-loved by all the guests and most of all by his new stepdaughter as he said to her ‘ I vow to you to be patient as we both learn this new dynamic between you and me, of stepfather and stepdaughter.’ They also shared a beautiful dance at the reception and everyone found it adorable as the groom lifted his new child up in his arms and twirled her around the dance floor. 

What made the wedding special was not the beachside reception but the fact that this committed couple is so magnificently in love, they could barely contain it which really comes out in the Panama City Beach wedding video. As they walked by the beach barefoot, hand in hand, there was a twinkle in both their eyes as they were envisioning their future together. 

There were some beautiful dances such as between Erin and her daughter, who was all smiles throughout the reception at Edgewater Beach Resort because she was so excited to have a new dad. Everyone made speeches, one of the most memorable lines were ‘I’ve known my sister without you and now I know her with you and I’m so happy to have you as my new brother-in-law.’ It was a coming together of two loving families that now look forward to plenty of gatherings in the future and the wedding films will be a delight for them to look back upon. The kiss the couple shared during their glamorous sparkler exit was simply out of a fairytale or romance movie and was really the crowning jewel of the Panama City Beach wedding video.

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Panama City Beach Florida wedding video of Erin & Chris’s Florida destination beach wedding.

Panama City Beach Wedding Vendors

Here are some of the best Panama City Beach wedding vendors that came together at Edgewater Beach Resort in Panama City Beach FL to make this wedding a success:

Photography/VideographyDalton Young Weddings

Venue: Edgewater Beach & Golf Resort

Planner & All Vendors: Edgewater Beach & Golf Resort