Behind The Scenes With A Wedding Videographer

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When couples decide to get married, they usually hire a photographer to take pictures of their big day. But videographers provide you with a different kind of portrayal. A visual narration of your romantic tale, with all of the gestures, all of the sounds, vows and exhales while you say “I do” – everything. Now, what does a wedding videographer do? Consider us art directors, and magicians who can transform your entire wedding day into a movie starring you and your significant other.

Simply put, a wedding videographer shoots and edits camera footage. When you’re deciding whether or not to hire a filmmaker, think about all those moments you might otherwise miss. From not being with each other when y’all are getting ready, not seeing the expression on your parent’s faces as you exchange your vows, to the first dance as seen through the eyes of your guests, and the cutting of the bridal cake! The combination of music, storytelling, and photographs from your day elevates preserving these moments to a whole new level. It goes by so quickly, that you will only be able to witness a small part of your wedding day as it happens. But by having your vows caught on camera, you get to see it all!

Additionally, you may wonder, what are the wedding videographer’s tasks? Our main role is to focus on filming the wedding and related festivities with a video camera. As a wedding videographer in Florida and a wedding videographer in Alabama, we normally meet with each couple before the big day, many times destination brides will call, FaceTime, or hop on a Zoom call with us. We are all about teamwork, understanding the couple’s preferences, and organizing the program on a bespoke basis. On the day itself, filming the event is our number one priority. After the wedding, we proceed with editing the recordings to weave together the highlights of the ceremony and reception.

As wedding filmmakers, we create stunning documentaries showcasing your unique love story to create eternal memories! It is a major celebration, and we can make it feel like you’re reliving it all over again by putting together all the parts we’ve recorded. By the way, a wedding is not only something you see; it is also something you hear. Sound contributes to the recall of numerous valuable memories, and it is important to capture these as well. You will always hear us say that audio is half of the viewing experience. Keep in mind that each second of your wedding film is a sequence of priceless memories!

Wedding videographers are also photographers, and in addition to recording cameras, we have a variety of lenses that enable us to capture the details and not miss anything throughout the day! As your videography 101 guide, we can also create a wedding video checklist outlining the essential moments to film. From the pretty detailed scene of your wedding day accessories to the table arrangements and invitation design, we can provide you with a collection of photos of re-live every day for the rest of your life through digital copies, or through our printing services!

You don’t want to miss anything at your wedding. A video may capture the finer elements of an event, invites, reception, and vows that photography simply cannot. That is where we as wedding videographers come into the equation. Your special day is truly magical and you only get to truly enjoy a small segment of it. Let us preserve that magic for you by heading over to our contact page.

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