Best 6 Poses For Wedding Portraits

Alabama wedding bride in Gulf Shores gazing at ocean.

Your wedding photo collection is one of the most important things to plan for, before your wedding day, in order to have a gallery you absolutely adore. If you want to have the best wedding photos and videos possible, you need to prepare in advance before the shooting begins. So, making sure you choose the most flattering poses below will ensure you both look amazing on your big day.

The good news is that there are a lot of simple ways for you and your photographer to capture great poses of the two of you, that you will cherish forever as beautiful memories from your amazing wedding day.

Here we will suggest 6 unique and stunning wedding photo pose ideas, so keep reading and dive into some expert tips and tricks and discover our favorite options.

The forehead kiss pose

First of all, the forehead kiss pose is the one you simply must include because it is so romantic and pure. This is one of the most photogenic portraits ever – it’s timeless. We know that photographers and videographers love these kinds of sweet poses during sessions because they represent such an intimate moment.

Hug from behind pose

Another pose that is a timeless classic: is the hug from behind. This one is beautiful in its simplicity because it emphasizes the bride and groom’s emotions. With this pose, wonderful details can be seamlessly captured.

The Wind-Blown Veil

This pose is gorgeous for videography shots. The windblown veil pose looks magical and movie scene-like in both wedding portraits and videos. Having a team of at least two photographers is important for capturing the flow of a beautiful veil. One of them or at least an assistant must be there to raise and then drop the veil as the couple steals a kiss. 

This wind-blown shot will look like it’s straight out of a magazine and as your wedding videographer in Alabama we will make sure this moment is also featured in your cinematical film!

A romantic stroll pose

The great thing about this one is that you can do the romantic stroll pose anywhere, from a street to a forest. From our experience, it’s one of the most intimate-looking portraits poses that we can also use in the video.

Lifting the bridal pose

This is a favorite! If the couple is comfortable with it and the bride’s dress allows for it, then lift the bride and have her kick her foot out (toes pointed down!) If everybody is on board, then this can be such a dreamy photo moment, especially if the groom can spin her around so that her dress flows around them both.

The subtle glance

This pose is one of the most natural-looking, and every photographer asks for a handful of subtle glance photos. They capture the love in your partner’s eyes and the commitment and desire you feel for each other.

Now that you know our favorite poses for wedding portraits, you may be wondering about how we approach the whole filming process and how will we best capture your story. Feel free to contact us if you want the best wedding videographer in Florida and Alabama and the most beautiful wedding portraits for your big day.

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