Best Destination Wedding Resorts in Florida

Florida is the perfect place to have a wedding in the United States; the ‘sunshine state’ can provide you with many different properties and venues! All the event locations listed here can accommodate a broad spectrum of wishes, which is an important benefit for most couples. 

If you have your heart set on having your celebration here, it might be time to look into some of the best wedding resorts in Florida. 

First, you need to narrow down your choices since there are so many of them. Florida offers such a wide range of event spaces that trying to choose just one will make your head spin! That is why in this blog post, we are providing you with some of the best wedding venues we could find. So relax and keep on reading!

1.      Miami – Temple House

South Beach is home to one of the most spectacular wedding venues in Florida. Modern luxury and art deco all wrapped up in one with a big bow – that is the best way to describe the iconic Temple House in Miami! 

The Grand Room within this venue has that name for a reason. It arches at 23 feet high and is an excellent addition to the Greek oasis terrace you will get to experience. Thanks to the mapping projection and the advanced technology in this space, it can easily transform into anything your heart desires. Consider this location as a blank canvas.

2.      Orlando – Dockside Lake Nona

When looking into Florida beach wedding venues, Dockside Lake Nona in Orlando is bound to come up! It may even be among the first venues you investigate. That’s because this waterfront location provides a feeling of serenity and tranquillity. 

Inside the space, you will be met with a rustic style – exposed bricks, wood floors, industrial roofing, and even some contemporary chandeliers. 

Also, at this location is the Glass House which is an art installation by a Brooklyn-based artist, and it is an incredible option for your ceremony. This venue is also very close to attractions such as Disney, so for those who want to spend the entire weekend at a wedding resort in Florida, there is plenty to do here.

3.      St. Augustine – The Treasury on the Plaza

If you are into history, then a wedding in Florida can be an exciting challenge for you! Do eccentricity and a sense of elevated style guide you through life? Then this venue in St. Augustine should be the perfect fit. 

The Treasury on the Plaza is conveniently situated right in the center of the city’s historic district, with plenty to provide! The extremely high ceilings and the breathtaking architectural details make this space a masterpiece. In addition, there is a bank vault dating back to 1927 – which may be the perfect spot for pictures and videos, or you can use it for your entrance. 

Since the venue is located in one of Florida’s oldest cities, there are many attractions and activities nearby. This location will give a unique feel to your wedding day, the kind you cannot mimic. 

4.      Miramar Beach – Hotel Effie

Returning to the Florida beach wedding venues, this Miramar Beach hotel takes the cake! The white sandy beaches are the primary source of inspiration for this particular wedding venue in Florida. Pure white elegance is noticed all around this remarkable space, blended with a bit of southern charm to create the perfect fit for you. Whether you go for an indoor or an outdoor wedding, your guests will be amazed by the service and the food on offer at Hotel Effie! And to top it all off, there is also a spa where your guests can relax and prepare for your special day.

5.      Ft. Myers – La Casa Toscana

One of the best wedding resorts in Florida can be found in Fort Myers on the Gulf Coast. The reason for this may be the large influx of new event venues there, but we love them all! Our favorite one is La Casa Toscana – a private and relatively small estate that gives you the feeling that you are getting married in Tuscany.

It is a lovely space, and if you want to feel like you have been transported to Italy, then this is the perfect place for a wedding in Florida. This venue is also conveniently located close to many restaurants.

6.      Melbourne – Up the Creek Farms

This is one of the most unique Florida beach wedding venues because it is – a farm! At this scenic location, the oak trees reach out over the incredible flower beds, and these views are what will make you and your guests gasp with amazement. 

At the quaint Up the Creek Farms in rural Melbourne, you can easily set up your cocktail hour outside before venturing through the sliding barn doors for your reception – thus offering the full farm experience. Also, for an elegant touch, there are crystal chandeliers that will instantly put a smile on your face. But, the most exciting thing about this farmhouse is that it can easily serve as a bed and breakfast – especially if you have several bridesmaids now; you can all stay together and get ready for your wedding day as a team.

7.      Sarasota – The Ringling Museum

We have talked about wedding resorts in Florida, and we have talked about beach destinations in the ‘sunshine state,’ but we have not yet mentioned a space such as this one! This Ringling Museum in Sarasota has it all – intricate colors based on Venetian Gothic palaces, a tropical feel, and architecture that will leave you speechless.

Stained glass, exquisite marble, and glazed terracotta are just a tiny part of what this venue can offer. Your guests will not only enjoy your wedding but will also enjoy the sideshow posters, circus wagons, and much more!

8.      Key West – Casa Marina Key West, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

When you are looking into the option of having a wedding in Florida –  this Waldorf Astoria Resort should not be overlooked.

Last but not least is this luxury resort where you can get married barefoot on a beach and still do it in style! The excellent five-star service on offer at Casa Marina Key West will guarantee you an unforgettable time, and the resort is known for having the largest private beach on the island of Key West. 

When it comes to your couple’s portraiture, you can have them filmed and captured on the private dock, which only adds to the wonderful scene you and your guests will witness. On the other hand, if you are looking for grandeur indoors, their inside space with high ceilings and hardwood floors should do just the trick!

Planning a wedding and finding a space for it can sometimes become a bigger challenge than expected. We can only hope that our list of wedding resorts in Florida will be put to good use by you and will help you narrow down your choice of the perfect venue.

Also, once you have started organizing your spectacular event, you are bound to require videography and photography services to immortalize your memorable moments. If you have any questions, please contact us – we are happy to talk to you and make all of your wedding wishes come true!

Photography/Videography: Dalton Young Weddings