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Marriage they say is a journey. One that requires two willing hearts and one goal to embark on. And happy ever after takes quite a long time, which is why those brave enough to take this huge leap can use all the blessings, love, and support they can get from family and friends and also good memories to look back on. And this is what Grace and Michael did by gathering all who mattered in their life at Bluegreen’s Bayside Resort & Spa, Panama City Beach to gather all the goodwill they’ll need to start the new chapter in their life.

The video masterfully captured all the beautiful moments that will become a heartwarming memory and a reassurance of love to look back to. The bride had a fun moment in the dressing room where they sized their matching shoes and took a few pictures before she walked out bright and happy with her mother – her smiles mirroring the beautiful day. The way her mother without even the slightest hesitation handed her over to the wedding officiant and kissed her son In-law to be was evidence of her unshakable trust for Michael. The wedding décor had a Bohemian feel at the outdoor altar. A trail of red roses on both sides of the aisle led to a visually romantic display of wood in the form of an arch creatively adorned with whimsical flowers one that further qualifies the dreamy mood and Grace looking like a dream, a fairytale princess fresh from a romantic movie scene. Michael gazed at her lovingly as he voiced his vows to her with deep feeling. Grace returned the same feeling in hers. After the marriage officiant announced the couple as husband and wife what followed was an enchanting moment where the happy couple shared a kiss and then took a moment to pose for a few photographs with family and friends who posed, hugged, and kissed for the moment then the couples were serenaded with applause out of the open air to the reception ground.

The reception had a more glamorous feel compared to that of the wedding aisle, but the simple white roses retained their simplicity. Their first dance was magical, so enchanting like they were gliding in slow motion, and that with their parents was equally soul-stirring; it was a priceless moment captured in time. Then the MC introduced a fun game with the couple to spice up the night and of course, another funny moment was captured as Grace playfully smashed the cake meant for Mike’s mouth on his face. A happy couple, evidently happy and free around each other. Then there were words of reassurance, love, and blessings from family and friends that further strengthened the couple’s conviction towards the happy course they’ve taken. And the evening was wrapped up with a long interlude of joy, laughter, and a whole lot of dancing. Dancing was the best way to express one’s glee and excitement. As the night drifted away so did the rebirth of a new dawn and a fresh start for Grace and Michael, the memories lived that day were a great reassurance that they were not alone on their journey of love.

Watch their Panama City Beach Wedding Video

Enjoy watching their Panama City Beach wedding highlight video! We are thrilled to have been your destination wedding videographer and thank you for trusting us to capture your big day.

Dalton Young Weddings Review by Grace & Mike

Mike & Grace share their wedding experience working with Dalton Young Weddings.

Dalton Young Weddings Review Transcript

Mike: Hello. This is Mike and Grace Zimba here. We’re doing a video review for Dalton Young Films. We hired him as the videographer for our wedding, which was on February 12th of 2022, and we are doing a video review for his company. We enjoyed having him work with us and he worked well with the other vendors. And the end product that he put together for us was about five and a half minutes, and I have to say, it was amazing. It was definitely way better than I ever thought imaginable. And he put a lot of work into it, you could tell, on the production value. And I think he’s worth every penny that we paid him.

Grace: Yes. Since the beginning, he was always very helpful. He answered every single question that I had, and I had a lot of questions. He kept checking on us throughout the whole process of the wedding up until the same day of the wedding. He arrived on time. He was very helpful. He worked a lot. He had very good opinions on what we should do, angles, everything. So I definitely recommend him.

Mike: Yes. We highly recommend him. Thank you.

Panama City Beach Wedding Vendors

Here are some of the best Panama City Beach wedding vendors that came together at Bluegreen’s Bayside Resort & Spa at Panama City Beach to make this wedding a success:

Videography: Dalton Young Weddings

Photography: Ellsworth Photography

Venue: Bluegreen’s Bayside Resort & Spa at Panama City Beach

Planner: Lacie

DJ & Officiant: A Perfect Wedding LLC.

Hair & Makeup: Jennifer Flaminio Beauty

Cake: Publix @ Paradise Key