Which is the Best Caribbean Wedding Destination For You?

When you think of a luxurious, sun-soaked wedding destination, the Caribbean may come to mind. Its close proximity to the US, gorgeous weather, and stunning ocean views make luxury islands in the Caribbean a popular wedding destination. If you’re considering getting married in the Caribbean, here are a few things you should know.

The best time to get married in the Caribbean

Much of the Caribbean is located within the hurricane belt. Hurricane season is typically May to November, so planning your wedding during this time may impact your plans, but it’s not a guarantee. 

If you’re looking to avoid crowds, spring breaks are usually late February through April. 

July, August, and September typically have low tourists and high temperatures. If you enjoy lots of sun, plan your wedding for these months! Temperatures are cooler in April, May, and June. 

Finding the right Caribbean wedding destination for you

The Caribbean is a top wedding destination with rich culture. Each island has its own history and unique charm, and there are over 700 of them to choose from. Because of this, searching for the perfect island for your Caribbean wedding destination might seem overwhelming. 

Luckily, there are a few things to look for that may help you narrow down your search. These include:

Travel accessibility 

Is it easy or impossible to find transportation to your destination? Many of the smaller islands in the Caribbean require both a flight and a boat ride, but most of the larger islands have airports. For an easy travel process, you may want to choose an island that has its own airport and many flight options to and from the US. 


The Caribbean is not only a popular wedding destination but a vacation destination as well. If you don’t want to be surrounded by thousands of tourists during your wedding celebration, you may want to stay away from popular islands. The most visited islands in the Caribbean are the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, The Bahamas, and Puerto Rico. 

Legal Requirements

Most couples choose to get legally married in the US before they travel to their destination, but if you’re looking for a legit marriage ceremony, make sure you check legal requirements before you plan your wedding. 


Resorts and hotels will likely provide you with a list of preferred or required vendors for your wedding day, but you may also consider hiring vendors that are willing to travel to your destination. As with any vendor search, make sure you take into consideration their style, experience, and price if those are important to you. 


Many of the resorts and hotels in the Caribbean offer affordable wedding packages, but some are more expensive than others. If you have a tight budget, do some research on the cost before you make a final decision. If your budget is high, check out these luxurious options! 

Luxury islands in the Caribbean

Luxurious service, exciting nightlife, and enough space to party with hundreds of your family and friends? You’ll find that and more in the Caribbean. There’s truly something for every taste and budget. 

When you’re ready to book, there are plenty of destination wedding packages to choose from – you just need to decide where you’d like to tie the knot! Consider these luxury islands for your Caribbean wedding destination. 


Aruba is an autonomous island of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, most widely known for its incredible wreck diving attractions. This island has a popular cruise ship port with many opportunities for family-friendly and group adventures, as well as world-class accommodations. 


Along with its stunning resorts and bustling cruise port, Antigua has a military background. There’s a restored dockyard marina and museum, as well as a military lookout with gorgeous panoramic views you can hike to. If you’re a history buff, this island is a great choice. 


The Bahamas are a chain of islands located in the West Indies. These islands are well-known cruise ship destinations including Castaway Cay, a private isle for Disney Cruiseline, and CoCoCay, the private island for Royal Caribbean Cruises. The Bahamas are also home to many popular resorts and casinos, including the Atlantis Bahamas. Because of this, these islands may be busier than most, but there are plenty of private resorts and villas to check out.


Barbados is an independent British commonwealth nation with historic 17th-century plantation houses. The island is also known for having some of the most stunning beaches in the world, with both serene and dramatic coasts, as well as many trails with incredible lookout points. 

Puerto Rico 

Puerto Rico is a US territory with a bustling hotel strip, vibrant coastal towns, breathtaking mountain landscapes, and the El Yunque tropical rainforest. If you’re looking for a mix of adventure, nature, and nightlife, Puerto Rico is a great destination to choose. 

St. Thomas

St. Thomas serves as the gateway isle of the US Virgin Islands and has a fascinating pirate history. The island has incredible snorkeling spots and pristine beaches, as well as historic buildings such as Blackbeard’s Castle to explore. The Ritz-Carlton is a popular resort here for weddings and honeymoons. 

St. Lucia

St. Lucia has stunning views of the Piton mountains, volcanic beaches, and reef-diving sites. It’s also home to many luxury resorts and fishing villages. Here, you can hike in the rainforest to stunning waterfalls like Toraille. 

St. Martin

St. Martin is split between the French-owned north and Dutch-owned south. This mix of Caribbean, French, and Dutch cultures provides the perfect landscape to explore the island’s unique history. The island is also a popular port for cruises and tourists, with busy beaches, nightlife, and duty-free shops. 

Best islands in the Caribbean for your honeymoon

If you want to get married and immediately start your honeymoon in one of the best Caribbean wedding destinations, it’s important to decide what kind of honeymoon you’d like to have. Are you looking to relax or explore? To learn about history and culture? To receive luxury accommodations and 5-star service?

Your answers to these questions will help you narrow down your search for the perfect luxury islands in the Caribbean. If you’re interested in learning about the best resorts, Brides has a great Caribbean wedding destination guide you can check out. 

Many resorts in the Caribbean offer all-inclusive honeymoon packages, and some offer special honeymoon perks if you also get married there! 

Overall, the highest-rated islands for your Caribbean honeymoon are St. Barts, Turks and Caicos, and St. Vincent. 

St. Barts

St. Barts is a French-speaking island featuring high-end restaurants, designer boutiques, and a thriving yacht community. St. Barts is one of the most expensive islands in the Caribbean, so if you plan your honeymoon here, plan to be spoiled – and maybe see a celebrity or two! 

Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos is a cluster of 40 islands, with over 14 miles of barrier reef to explore via scuba diving. Its many beaches have stunning, crystal-clear views of the water, making it a popular destination for honeymoons. 

St. Vincent 

St. Vincent is the primary island in a chain of smaller islands known as the Grenadines. If you’re looking for adventure, St. Vincent is a great choice. There are many historic landmarks to explore, including Fort Charlotte, as well as an active volcano with thrilling hiking trails. 

Looking for the perfect team to capture your Caribbean wedding? 

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