Our weddings are timeless and luxurious. They can be intimate or loud, tropical or modern. As our company is based out of the southeast, We are a little biased...but you really can’t beat southern weddings.

From the City Vibes to the warm sandy beaches and everything in between – here, you can truly have it all.

There’s nothing like Florida weddings

Leave the stiff, unnatural posing at home. When we film weddings, we capture the real life that's happening in front of the camera. We're not going to waste time recreating moments to get the perfect shot, because we believe that there is beauty and perfection in the imperfect.

Our team has a photojournalistic approach, meaning we capture candid moments as they occur. This approach allows us to create beautiful films that perfectly capture the emotions of your wedding day, because they’re documented as they really happened. Watching your film will feel like you’re living your wedding day all over again.

Our films have a timeless cinematic flair, and our editing style can be described as tropical, vibrant, and contrasted. We don’t edit in either extreme – super light and airy or dark and moody. Our films are a nice middle ground between the two. With a neutral editing style, the focus stays on you and telling your story, not harsh light or filters.

Not sure what this means? See for yourself!

This is a sample of our recent work on Florida weddings. Take a look to see if we’d be a good fit for you!

A unique approach to filming Destin weddings

Words can not express how grateful I am for Dalton and the incredible video he put together. Due to COVID, we had to significantly decrease the number of people we had at our wedding. I figured having a video of the event would be a cool way of sharing this marking time for us. Never in my wildest dreams would I have envisioned what Dalton created. It truly was a work of art. I was worried about feeling like I was being watched or filmed which might cause me to act differently, but Dalton moved seamlessly in and out of different situations where half of the time I didn’t even know we were being filmed. He worked great alongside my photographer and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional and top-notch videographer.

“Truly a work of art"

-Molly E.

We absolutely loved our video. We shed so many tears of joy. This was so breathtaking and Dalton Young Films did such an amazing job capturing every moment of our wedding day. I would highly recommend him over and over and over again. He was awesome. You will not be disappointed I promise. THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH for such a beautiful memory.

“Amazing & so beautiful"

-Jolynn I.

I cannot say enough good things about Dalton Young Films. Even before we got our video back, I was incredibly impressed with his professionalism and eagerness to accommodate all of my requests. Now for the video: WOW! It is incredibly perfect in every way. He captured every detail I wanted to be included and went above and beyond. I cannot recommend him enough!

“Incredible Capture of our Perfect Day"

-Morgan C.

Dalton put together an amazing montage of our wedding day highlights that we will cherish forever. He got beautiful shots, was pieced together SO well, and was so easy to work with. He and his wife were so kind to traipse around with us in the Florida heat to capture it all! We are SO grateful we have this for ourselves to reminisce and to share with friends and family who weren’t able to join due to the pandemic this year.

“Amazing experience!"

-Leighton K.

Destination Wedding Photography

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You've invested so much money and time into meticulously planning the perfect wedding. As your wedding videographer, we will make sure that all of that hard work pays off in your wedding film. You'll receive a comprehensive wedding collection that perfectly encapsulates your wedding day. 

A comprehensive film collection for Southeast weddings

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Award-Winning Highlight Films

Photos are worth a thousand words. Our films let you re-live those words and moments. As a wedding company, we have had the opportunity to capture beautiful weddings for couples around the world. Here are a few of our more recent films!

Our collections can be tailored! Engagement films, full ceremony edits, toast edits, wedding trailers and more! Check out more of our additional edit options below. We are experts in Destination Wedding Photography as well if you truly want to build a complete wedding experience with a team that is focused your wedding day in its entirety. If you want to see a few more examples, check out our YouTube playlists as well!

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Photos are worth a thousand words. Our films let you re-live those words and moments.

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