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‘Lord thank you for this day and please continue to bless us,’ said the groom as he and his bride held hands before the wedding through the door without looking at each other as they honored tradition. They even wrote each other heartfelt letters to read before the ceremony! Oftentimes weddings in Orange Beach do contend with rain and this wedding was no exception. Initially, it rained but it cleared up in time for the reception. When the bride read her groom’s letter before the ceremony she smiled a beaming smile and said ‘there’s nothing sad about this, let’s do this Adam!’

One of the most adorable moments in the wedding films was when there was a first look for the bridesmaids and they were beside themselves in excitement at how gorgeous their friend looked. The bride Klaire looked nothing short of a fairytale princess with her tiara and long lace gown. Everyone thought she looked absolutely stunning and most of all by her husband-to-be who was speechless when he saw her and could only say ‘wow babe!’

The wedding took place behind the Coastal Arts Center which is a well-reputed and stunning art gallery overlooking the magical Wolf Bay. ‘There is no relationship on Earth that is stronger than this union that you both have committed yourselves to,’ said the officiant. There was so much laughter and cheering at the ceremony and reception and the family and loved ones really came together for the couple on their special day. There were message boards for the guests to sign as well as a memorial table for loved ones that had passed away but are always in the couple’s hearts. The reception was stunning as shown by the Orange Beach wedding videography, with a clear view of the water, a semi-open-air seating arrangement with rows of white chairs and tables, and really magnificent table centerpieces of foliage, pastel-colored flowers, white candles, and gold décor accents like rustic chandeliers.

Watch Their Orange Beach Wedding Trailer

Enjoy watching their Orange Beach wedding trailer video! We are thrilled to have been your destination wedding videographer and thank you for trusting us to capture your big day.

Dalton Young WeddingsReview by Klaire & Adam

Klaire & Adam share their wedding experience working with Dalton Young Weddings.

Klaire Moore:

Hello, my name is Klaire Moore, and I just wanted to do a little review on the video of how my experience was with Dalton being our videographer. So I originally was supposed to get married last May and then we had to postpone the wedding and everything because of COVID, and so super stressful time for everyone. I reached out to Dalton. I was like, “Hey, I’m so sorry. I have to move my wedding date. Is there any way you have this date available in August?” He was like, “Yes. Of course, I’ll make it work. I can’t wait to work with you all. Beautiful couple.” So great. I got him scheduled for the new date.

                Well, then the wedding rolls around and we had a beautiful venue in Orange Beach and I’m like, “Man, I would really love just some good drone footage of the venue, just everything that we had laid out on the property.” Of course, it was raining on the day of the wedding. We might have had about a 20-minute gap when it wasn’t raining. Dalton somehow made it happen and flew his drone during that period of time when it wasn’t raining and got a drone view of the venue and everything that we had laid out. It was seriously just beautiful.

                Dalton was super easy to get in touch with. He’ll just text you. I mean, super easy. Then the day of the wedding, and even before, he’s like, “What do you want? What are some unique things that you’re looking for? What are things that are just very important for you to have on video?” Throughout my whole wedding day, not once was he pushy. He was literally just coming around being like, “Hey, let’s get this.” Told us what to do. Super simple. Then he got our video to us within maybe four weeks, a super fast time. Amazing video. I could not have asked for a better wedding video. So I really cannot recommend a better videographer for you to be on your wedding day. Thank you.

Orange Beach Wedding Vendors

Here are some of the best Orange Beach wedding vendors that came together at the Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach, Alabama to make this wedding a success:

Videography: Dalton Young Weddings

Venue: Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach

Planner: Supposey Events

DJ: AnyDay DJ

Photography: Farraday Photography

Hair: Lemon Salon

Catering: Naman’s Catering

Live Music: Sarah Schrader

Bakery: Publix