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There exists nothing perfect under the sun, but a moment in time can be said to be perfect. Like everything unanimously fell into place at the Coastal Commodity Beach House in Panama City Beach. Like it knew love was paying its graceful shelter a visit. On this day, Love smelled like roses, whistled like the breeze, and shun bright like the sun. The beautiful beach house felt like a home away from home. And Dalton Young Weddings did not fail to beautifully capture every golden memory made that day to celebrate the joining of Abigail and Lucas.

From the bride’s dressing room, their smiles, add an ornament to the atmosphere. The bride not only dressed and readied herself but bonded with her friends and bridesmaids in the dressing room which climaxed into an emotional moment where her mother beheld her and was moved to tears of joy. The emotions extended to Lucas, who on seeing his bride, covered in lace, bright and breathtaking like the day, could not hold back his tears too. A heart-melting sight to behold as the bride wiped the happy tears off the face of her husband-to-be as they progressed to the beachside for the real ceremony.

Outside, were rows of white folding chairs and an aisle leading to an altar beautifully decorated with a crown of flowers. The maids were dressed in individual colors, but all matched the selected colors of the day. The décor made a burst of carefully selected colors that works. A mix of sea green, red, peach, maroon, orange, and gray. One that gives the atmosphere a vintage feel. Side by side, Abigail walked alongside her father, and upon arriving at the alter, she had her moment of emotions as she slowly released her father’s hand, her eyes were wet with tears. One could tell the undeniable bond she shared with her father. But sooner than later, the marriage officiant’s introductory statement lightened the mood and after his well-delivered talk, he finally tied the knot with a few words of heartfelt prayer, and the man and wife were ushered hand in hand to the reception ground.

As the sunlight slowly vanished into the horizon, the newlywed introduced the evening with their first dance, a moment so magically lit with love, joy, and youth as they concluded with a passionate kiss. Then Abby had another moment with her father in a warm and slow dance and so did Lucas and his mother. From the way he looked at her, their beautiful bond was evident to the onlookers. Then after a few moments of fun and games, the MC by what he termed to be a “warm-up” ushered all in attendance to the dance floor, and on the course of the “warm-up”, they all danced the night away. One watching from a distant vantage point could agree that Abby and Lucas’ day at the Coastal Commodity Beach House in Panama City Beach was one of those days that could be called a perfect day.

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Panama City Beach Wedding Vendors

Here are some of the best Panama City Beach wedding vendors that came together at the Coastal Commodity House to make this wedding a success:

Videography: Dalton Young Weddings

Photography: Beach Bum Photography

Venue: Coastal Commodity Beach House

Hair/Makeup: Sebastian Zane Hair & Makeup Productions