Complete guide on how to plan a beach wedding in Florida

Every couple wants to shine on their wedding day. Everything has to be in order if you wish to have a glamorous celebration or an intimate one. Florida is the place that can make dreams come true. Since having a Florida beach wedding is ever so magical and memorable, we have decided to create the ultimate guide on how to plan a wedding!

What to consider?

Once you decide that you want to have a beach celebration, the first thing you need to do is create a to-do list. Don’t get us wrong, planning any other type of wedding is demanding too, but we are here to give you a heads-up that planning a beach event can be especially challenging due to weather, catering, guest attire, and a few other factors. 

That is why we have created the ultimate Florida beach wedding guide to ease your mind and help you to be fully prepared for your big day. Let’s dive into it!

Calculate your budget

A well-constructed budget is crucial when organizing a wedding. Once you set your mind on a location, it is time to crunch those numbers! Setting the budget should be the first thing you and your partner do together.

You will need to stick to your budget no matter what. When looking into Florida beach wedding venues, see what they have to offer. Browse through their websites and get a quote. This will give you a rough estimate of what you should expect when the final bill arrives. 

From a financial point of view, a beach wedding is still a venue, which means you would have to treat it as such. You can choose from a variety of glamorous resorts with some terrific amenities. Since you are only at the beginning of the decision-making process, get ready to make many more decisions.

Choose the time and date.

After you have set the budget and worked it over, the next step is choosing the date and the time for your celebration. Think about a beach wedding in Florida and what that represents to you. Do you wish to have your ceremony in the summer, during the day? Or at sunset, with a romantic backdrop as the sun descends into the ocean waves?

Also, take a step further and discuss the weather too. You don’t want to get married on the beach when the tide is in, and the water will be touching your feet, do you? This is why vendors encourage couples to place the ceremony altar as far away from the water as possible. So do a little research on timing before sending out those wedding invitations. When it comes to Florida, you must remember that the monsoon season is from June to October.

Always have a backup plan.

One of the best Florida wedding tips we can provide is – always have a plan B! There is always a chance that things can go wrong on the big day, and this is especially important if you are having your ceremony out in the open. Hiring a wedding planner is excellent because this is how you know the organization process will run smoothly. This person will not only have a plan B but also come up with a plan C! Anything could happen, but the reality is – the weather is the only real thing you need to worry about.

It is crucial to test all the equipment too! Anything from microphones and speakers should be working. In this case, if something goes wrong, you will have time for a backup plan.

Guest experience is essential.

A beach wedding is a unique experience – wedding favors and welcome amenities included. But, when you ask your guests to sit through a ceremony on a hot day, it might create a feeling of dissatisfaction, and some people may even become nervous seated under the sun.

This is why you have to put yourself in your guest’s shoes. What would they want, and what would they need? In this case, some custom gift bags would be a perfect surprise. They can include a pair of sunglasses, a small bottle of sunscreen, flip-flops, and a fan. The correct details can make anyone forget about the heat and enjoy the moment with a smile on their face.

After all, even though it is your wedding day, you will not be going through it alone, so you should think about the other people involved too.

Wedding attire

If you are having a beach wedding in Florida, you must dress appropriately. The wind and the sun will dictate the fashion on your big day, and when it comes to the options available, you could be facing some slim pickings. This means not many outfits combine a formal wedding style with a laid-back, beach-acceptable look.

But don’t feel discouraged! Having a beach wedding does not mean you have to give up on your dream look, but it does mean that you need to alter it a bit. An off-the-shoulder gown and a loose wavy hairstyle are one way to go. Remember to wear sunscreen and go barefoot, and you will be golden!

All things rental

A Florida beach wedding is not complete without a few rental items and decorations. Select a color palette and pick your flowers based on it. You will also need to have generators and lights from all angles. On the same note, make sure to have a functional microphone so you can invite your guests to the area where the party will be. And, if there are waves in the background, the microphone will be a great tool to ensure the guests in the back hear the celebrant.

For the table decorations – think wind. Get sturdier napkins for your guests, and choose larger flower arrangements in big vases. Do a calligraphed wood seating chart instead of paper.

Check for a caterer

The final of our Florida wedding tips is – choosing a caterer. Even though the thought of having a beach celebration may seem romantic, no one wants sand in their food. Furthermore, the meals must be properly protected from heat and other factors. Thus, choosing a caterer who has worked on beach weddings before is essential. This means they know what they’re doing. Ask around, and see what equipment they use and how they handle difficult situations.

Some restaurants and resorts hold the wedding ceremony outside and continue the party inside. In the end, it all comes down to you. Think about which direction you want to take your special event. 

A beach wedding requires excellent planning and consideration of the weather and your guests. But now, you are up for the challenge, especially when armed with the helpful information in this blog post. If you need videography and photography services, feel free to contact us! We would love to capture all of your meaningful moments.

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