Cost breakdown of a Wedding Photographer. Is it worth it?

Wedding couple holding each other.

Regardless of other expenses linked to a wedding, most couples agree that beautiful wedding photos are a must because they capture memories that will last forever. You might think that even an average wedding photographer’s cost is pretty high, but believe us when we say it’s the one expense you don’t want to skimp on.

Is it worth spending a higher amount of money to hire a professional wedding photographer instead of finding alternatives? Your wedding vows are the celebration of a lifetime, so is it worth the stress of leaving this important task to a non-professional? Do you think that your relative or friend with basic photography knowledge is really capable of capturing every beautiful detail from your special day, as a professional would do?

It is a huge risk, and definitely not worth taking on an important day like this. You might get stuck with blurry, unclear photos, shots that don’t reflect the most important details of the day or even end up without any photos at all.

You may have wondered, how much should wedding photography cost? Of course, what you decide to spend on framed memories depends on your overall wedding budget and what type of photography package you want.

For example, as of 2022, our team collections begin at $3500 and go up depending on your needs and the services you require. The average cost of what our couples spend on photography or videography with our team members for their special day is $3500-4500.

As a team that has both professional wedding photographers and videographers, we offer wedding collections that can be customized according to your needs and wishes. This means that besides making wedding films, we offer the best quality wedding photography as well. 

The price mentioned varies depending on how you customize your wedding film collection, as there is more than one exciting add-on that we offer, including even working with Dalton Young himself! Apart from wedding photography collections and a wedding films, we can provide print options, ceremony edits, toast edits, social media trailer films, documentary edits, drone coverage, reception coverage, additional hours, wedding weekends, and even additional photographers and videographers.

The important thing to be aware of is that no matter how you customize your wedding collection, we will always use professional equipment including lighting and state-of-the-art audio recording to film all of our footage, so you’ll have the highest quality wedding film, and photos possible. 

The best thing about hiring an entire team instead of just one person means that you get a dedicated group of people that are able to preserve your memories so that not a single element will be missed – from the tiny details to the big, emotional moments. Another plus, if you choose to hire a wedding photographer and a videographer at the same time, is that this will remove the extra work of coordinating timelines, processes, and space and also save you money. 

At Dalton Young Weddings, we have professional photographers and videographers that coordinate perfectly with each other and truly love working together. Every team member knows exactly what is needed to ensure their job is done well. 

You can see on our website from our couple’s reviews that the final results are definitely worth the money you will pay for their effort and service provided. This investment will stand the test of time because photos and video combined will keep the magic of your special day alive throughout the years. If you want to look at your wedding photos and feel those emotions as strong as on your big day, contact the best Florida wedding videography and wedding photography Alabama team – Dalton Young Weddings.

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