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Couple walking down the road holding hands in Destin, FL.
Jennifer & Joey walking holding hands after Destin Beach wedding ceremony.

Weddings are known to be ceremonies of the heart and Jennifer and Joey personify that so beautifully. As a bridesmaid remarked in her teary speech ‘you’ve given yourself so wholeheartedly, Jennifer.’ It was a wedding for the nearest and dearest in the couple’s lives with a ceremony on the beach where it rained so it was moved inside an absolutely opulent private residence. Out of all the beach weddings in Destin, it was simply fated that it rained! The striking beauty of the beach was recreated indoors with a satin halo where the couple stood to hold hands as well as seashells and woven wicker chairs galore. Even the bridal bouquet was foliage and beautiful white lilies that were a calming prospect against the storm.

As Jennifer and Joey stood outside for their wedding videography near me with the wind blowing in their faces and the overcast sky gathering, it was almost a perfect symbol to my mind. This couple’s love was everlasting and could weather any storm they had before them. Jennifer being pregnant, the child on the way was an often mentioned guest at the wedding that everyone was so excited to meet soon.

As the cake topper read in gold ‘Mr and Mrs’, the couple was gearing up to meet their beautiful child so they couldn’t be happier. The couple shared a dance with their parents as hugs, tears, and warm words followed, it was a sheer delight to capture as a Florida wedding videographer.  The wedding was seamlessly elegant but had a warm, friendly, and casual vibe too as everyone gathered around the pool area in the house. At that time it looked just like friends and loved ones wholeheartedly celebrating the marriage of two people so close to their hearts and it wasn’t a formal affair after that as most wedding videographers would expect.

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Destin Beach Florida wedding video of Jennifer & Joey’s Florida destination beach wedding.

Destin Beach Wedding Vendors

Here are some of the best Destin Beach wedding vendors that came together at The Splash House on Scenic HWY 98 in Destin, FL to make this wedding a success:

VideographyDalton Young Weddings

Photography: Jennifer G Photography

Venue: Splash House at 3463 Scenic Hwy 98 Destin, FL

DJ & Photo Booth: KC Event Company

Hair & Makeup Artist: Destin Mobile Makeup Box / Cedrian Greve

Chairs & Tables: Destin Wedding Company

Catering: Catering Culinary Catering 365

Wedding Cake: Publix