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Audi and Danny’s wedding was at Di Amici Upscale events in Seabrook, near a popular place referred to as the Kemah Boardwalk, just southeast of Houston.

Simplicity, they say, is the ultimate sophistication. The video captured the details of the decorations, the hall had a very good ambiance and the perfect lighting to brighten up the entire place.

The couple dressed up in their various rooms with help from friends and family who were very much excited to assist. The video then spans over to the inquiring gaze of the page boy; which I would say was totally hilarious, he seemed puzzled and would want to understand why everybody was staring at him while he rode on the cart down the aisle. 

Audi’s grandfather presented her for marriage, after which the preacher went right into the marriage rights and could not help but mention how honored he was to be joining the couple. 

We believe wedding vows are sacred and precious, and it’s been one of our goals to capture every detail of the special moment between couples.

Their vows were so soul-stirring, so much so that Audi could not stop the tears as Danny read his vows.  Every word sounded so authentic, even the guests had their emotions all over the place. The tears of joy streamed from the crowd like summer raindrops and it took just one kiss from Danny to switch Audi’s mood. And oh their First kiss! It was everything special. At their first kiss it was as though Danny felt something melt inside of him that blossomed in a dreamy way. All his longings, all his dreams, and sweet anguish, all the secrets that slept deep within him came awake, everything was transformed and enchanted, everything made sense, Audi was now his wife!

It’s funny how just one kiss can brighten up the mood of a pretty large crowd. The couple moved to the reception with so much excitement. 

The sweetness in the cutting of the cake was definitely not just about the cake, but how the couple held each other’s hand and cut the cake so slowly and tenderly. Audi’s son gave a very candid speech, and Danny’s daughter was very emotional, and you could tell how happy she was for her Dad.

All the couples present at the wedding lit up the hall with their dance moves, it was a perfect ceremony with friends and family all excited to watch their loved ones take a step forever.

Watch Their Texas Wedding Trailer

Enjoy watching their Texas wedding trailer video! We are thrilled to have been your destination wedding videographer and thank you for trusting us to capture your big day.

Houston Texas Wedding Vendors

Here are some of the best Houston wedding vendors that came together at the venue in Seabrook, TX near the boardwalk to make this wedding a success:

Videography: Dalton Young Weddings

Photography: DC Stanley

Venue: Di’Amici Events

DJ/MC: Brad Janacek