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They say that dreams made with love, come true. And we all saw this manifest at the Skopelos New World at Downtown Pensacola where Anite and Randy wished to tie the knot. The place was a dream. The décor reflects a classic theme with a careful mixture of red and white as the color of the day yet left a subtle modern feel by its deliberate simplicity.

It was a beautiful evening in Florida. They captured every dreamy moment, from the bride’s dressing room to the moment her mother marched her down the aisle. The glimmer of the day paled in comparison to her dress and all her magnificence. One could tell from the way Randy gazed at her when he said his vows that the words were coming from somewhere even deeper than his mouth and Anite gazed at him too with so much love and joy in her eyes.

Then the wedding officiant sealed the vows with the sand ceremony and without even the slightest of hesitation, the lovebirds poured out the content of their bottles, all they were, all they are, and all they will ever be, all mixed up, never to separate again. Then there was the passionate kiss that only happened for a moment, but looked like happily ever after in motion. Not long after that, the bride and groom alongside friends and family took a moment outside for a group photograph. Then hand in hand, the bridesmaid and groomsmen ushered the newlyweds to the reception ground and they were received with a resounding round of applause.

The MC took a moment to pray to kick start the night and then followed the elaborate buffet, more than enough for all to have their fill, and the refreshing time was overlapped with speeches and well wishes from family and friends and a moment where the mother of the day, overwhelmed with joy was moved into tears while giving her speech. Then there was the cutting of the cake by the couple which was like the tradition in a typical wedding in Florida and Anite and Randy’s was no exception.  They took their moment to feed themselves the cake and shared wine in a Romantic fashion. Then the scene changed as the DJ turned the heat up with more engaging music. In a nick of time, the hall was lit with DJ lighting giving it a party feels and the bride complimented the atmosphere as she stormed in with her bridesmaid in mismatched short party gowns which set the mood ablaze.

Everyone, young and old, black or white, stormed the dance floor to display their dance moves. The night was the crown of the entire event, as they twirled, twisted, and even goofed their way on the dance floor, their smiles and laughter echoing in the twinkling hall, all captured in time. The scene indeed was a dream, one that came true as a result of love.

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Pensacola Beach Wedding Vendors

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Videography: Dalton Young Weddings

Photography: Zhaun Frias Photography