Emerald Grande Wedding in Destin | B+D | Beach Videographer

The wedding of Brett and Devin took place on the iconic captain’s deck of the Emerald Grand Hotel In Destin, Florida. The house is surrounded by a flowing river and white beach sand where the couple will have some breathtakingly beautiful moments. Brett is delighted and proud to take Devin as her lawfully wedded husband and teammate – she testified via the sweet notes they exchanged with each other and with their vows. Devin as well is excited to take home his lover and friend forever and as long as they are in love.

 Love is in the air as the couple share this memorable event with their friends and family who bring in a lot of fun and excitement to spice the love in the air, giving it a soul-touching flavor that is euphoric and leaves you feeling light-hearted.

 The weather is calm, friendly, and temperate making for a memorable event like this. The wind is Zephyrus ruffling the magical wedding dress of the bride while she holds hands and stares into the eyes of her handsome groom in a suit. It looks like a dream, an aesthetically pleasing dream. The ebb and flow of the river are gentle and perfect, and the ripple effect caused by the wind on the water flows as if in awe of the love it is witnessing. All these sceneries were captured in such a way that any viewer can feel the love emanating from the gazes of the lovers as they stare at each other. When the bride sheds a tear, our faces break into an adoring smiles. You can tell that these exotic scenes we are witnessing are the dreams of the lovers come true. The love is palpable, everyone and even everything can feel it.

The sun, the river, and the wind at the beach conspire to make the sight appear so appealing. It takes a good Videographer like Dalton Young Weddings to create a good video where by just watching it you can feel the joy and love in the heart of Brett and Devin and their families too. As the sun sets beautifully, the two lovers steal a kiss in the twilight, and the lovely afternoon rolls into an evening of merriment filled with love, joy, laughter, music, dancing, and of course, food and drinks.

Watch their Destin Wedding Video

Enjoy watching their Destin wedding highlight video! We are thrilled to have been your destination wedding videographer and thank you for trusting us to capture your big day.

Watch their Destin Wedding Ceremony Edit

Watch Brett and Devin exchange their vows filmed in its raw format as if you were there to re-live it. 

Destin Beach Wedding Vendors

Here are some of the best Destin Beach wedding vendors that came together at the Emerald Grande at HarborWalk Village to make this wedding a success:

Videography: Dalton Young Weddings

Photography: Sarah Lyn & Paul Photography

Venue: Emerald Grande at Harborwalk Village

Officiant: Weddings As You Wish

DJ: Highlight Weddings & Events

Hair/Makeup (HMUA): Destin Mobile Makeup Box

Cake: Publix @ Paradise Key