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Marriage is the name of a lifelong commitment as immense as the sea. As the quote in the wedding décor read ‘mightier than the sea is his love for you was the groom’s love for his bride. Larson and Tyler are a dream couple, the groom said in his vows ‘this is the day I’ve prayed for since about 2 weeks after I met you.’ They symbolize the true meaning of ‘meant for each other and as a Florida wedding videographer, it was a privilege to cover their wedding and witness them being united in this sacred bond forever. Larson and Tyler are dearly loved by their family and friends and both of them are such amazing role models as the bride’s brother said in his speech.

As you can see in the Fort Walton Beach wedding video, the ceremony entirely took place at a private residence so it was an intimate gathering as the couple preferred. The décor was the epitome of a sublime beach-chic vibe with dried bunny tails and other wildflowers and foliage in everything from the arrangements to the bridal bouquet with seashells, little seahorses, and framed photos of the couple. What really stood out was the deep bond between Larson and Tyler; as Larson’s father said ‘I couldn’t have asked for someone to love her more than you do.’ For more than just the couple but also their parents and loved ones, this wedding was a culmination of a lot of dreams. A foot-washing ceremony was also on the wedding itinerary as the couple and their family are Christians and wanted to incorporate this tradition on their special day. The bride and groom bathed each other’s feet and dried them with a towel to signify humility, love, and sacrifice. The couple’s first dance at the reception was subsequently a highlight in the wedding films.

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Enjoy watching their Fort Walton Beach wedding highlight video! We are thrilled to have been your destination wedding videographer and thank you for trusting us to capture your big day.

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Watch Larson and Tyler exchange their vows filmed in its raw format as if you were there to re-live it.

Larson & Tyler See Their Wedding Highlights For The First Time

Dalton Young Weddings Review by Larson & Tyler

Larson & Tyler share their wedding experience working with Dalton Young Weddings.

Tyler & Larson share their Fort Walton Beach wedding videography review working with Dalton Young Films & Photography.

Dalton Young Weddings Review Transcript

Larson: Hi, I’m Larson…

Tyler: Tyler.

Larson: … And we used Dalton as our videographer for our wedding. We had a destination wedding and it was in Florida and we live in Georgia, and a videographer was one thing that I really wanted. Him, not so much, but that was my number one thing. After looking online and reading some reviews, we decided on Dalton and he absolutely delivered more than we could have ever imagined on the day he showed up he made us feel so comfortable and he was in there helping me with things like he didn’t have to help me with, but made me feel as a bride, so comfortable. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to have been there on that day to do our videography. It was just phenomenal.

Tyler: Yep. No, I agree. Definitely was not an expense that we had planned for at the time. However, after recognizing the importance it was to this one here, I spoke to him on the phone and he seemed very, just willing to do whatever means necessary just to make our special day happy. Splitting things up into payments and working with us and just telling us that he’s got everything taken care of, explaining what he was going to do from A to B, and definitely like she said, just on the wedding day itself, it seemed like amidst a lot of other chaos, Dalton was one thing that was very much a constant and helped us in a lot of different ways and just made us feel very, very comfortable. Very grateful, definitely something we would recommend because it’s something we’ll have for a lifetime and we’ve cried already so many times watching it and it was just amazing, so thanks, Dalton.

Larson: Thanks.

Fort Walton Beach Wedding Vendors

Here are some of the best Fort Walton Beach wedding vendors that came together at this private AirBnB bay home to make this wedding a success:

VideographyDalton Young Weddings

Cake: Bluejay’s Bakery

Hair/Makeup (HMUA): Captivate BeautyCaptivate Beauty

Catering: Panda Express Fort Walton Beach