Gulfarium Wedding | M+C | Florida Wedding Videography

One could start with the sweet smell of the island breeze or the beautiful aquatic life on display in the ponds and aquariums. One could even start with the obvious, the sea, and the feel of serenity it gives off and further dwells on the comfort it provides to who gives its audience. But the elaborate show of nature at Okaloosa Island, Florida only served as ornamental figures to Menexia and Cody’s display of affection. As we captured the moment, it looked like a scene cut out of a romantic movie. Also, the décor made up of white, green, and gray, gives off a classic touch to a modern wedding concept which qualifies the entire scene.

Hand in hand, the beautiful bride was walked down the aisle by both her parents and then with the most reassuring smile, released her to the altar where she exchanged vows with her husband to be and on the wedding officiant’s cue, the bride and groom sealed their vows with the most passionate kiss. Then they progressed to the elaborately decorated hall where they opened the floor with their first dance. One that was magical with the enormous aquarium in the background, giving off a dreamy feel. Then the couple took turns with both parents to share a dance and each of these moments captured the heartwarming bond they both shared with their parents. Then the couple went all out to entertain those that honored their day by engaging in a couple of games, some that triggered laughter and others that left the onlookers refreshed. Then there were heartwarming speeches and sincere comments from friends and family, then of course Manexia did not forget the bouquet tradition with her friends and bridesmaids where she gleefully gave a high-five to the one who caught the bouquet.

The night was concluded with a rather energetic choreography led by the bride herself, which later transformed into a free dance floor where all with or without inhibitions demonstrated their joy and excitement for the couple’s union. And here, one could conclude with the glimmer of joy resonating from the faces of those in attendance, or the magic of life in the air, but the newlyweds stole the spotlight as Cody ushered his wife into his car and drove into the night in grand romantic style. It was evident that both day, night, and nature made that moment for them.

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Fort Walton Beach Wedding Vendors

Here are some of the best Fort Walton Beach wedding vendors that came together at the Gulfarium to make this wedding a success:

Videography: Dalton Young Weddings

Photography: Mary Claire Bell

Venue: Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park

DJ: Epic & Elegant Entertainment (EEE Destin DJ)

Cake: Publix @ Paradise Key

Catering: Olive Garden