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Love, they say, is a beautiful thing and on a sweet sunny day in Okaloosa Island, Will tied the knot with Martha, and he quoted King Solomon “I have found the one whom my soul loves”.

The wedding atmosphere itself was a picturesque affair sprinkled with soft pastel colors, stunning white and lavender floral designs, and adorned with beautiful crystal beads like droplets of golden rain.

Martha and Will came together this day to mark as the officiating minister chimed in; not just the end of the love, but the beginning of a lifelong journey of learning to love each other. Surrounded by a close-knit clutch of family and friends, to share their special day, you could feel the love sizzling between Martha and Will and how happy, in love and grateful they were to spend the rest of their lives together.

While a live band of guitarists and a violinist played soft musical tunes, the dazzling lights, the smoke clouds, and the creamy drapes added to the elegance and gave off a romantic vibe to the wedding ceremony.

The bride, Martha exuded a glowing radiance and an exuberant, playful smile on her face as she donned an elegant lace gown with intricate designs. Her nails were done to perfection and her smile was the most beautiful piece of the wedding.

The groom donned a beautiful white traditional wear and looked very happy.

While sweet handwritten vows were said and promise to love each other were made, they exchanged rings and other traditional rites, and finally… Mr. and Mrs. Stewart.

You know, they also say that love is what happens when two hearts find their happy place right beside each other, and amidst the enchanting party surrounded by close friends and family, it was evidently the best day of the couple’s lives. You could see it in Martha’s wide smiles, their small hugs, Will’s little tears at their first couple dance, the feathery neck kisses, the couple’s dance with their friends, and the sparks of joy, laughter, and happiness that bubbled the destination wedding.

The bridesmaids added color and elegance in their light pink dresses alongside the groomsmen in their smart black suits.

The reception party kicked off with the cutting of the most beautiful-looking white cake draped with white and purple flowers.

Family and friends had an incredible time as they all swayed their hips to the music in celebration of the happiest newlyweds. Some bridesmaids had to take off their shoes and dance happily on bare feet. Bouquets were thrown, toasts were given, beautiful picture memories were made and such a day like this is one that Mr. & Mrs. Stewart will not forget for a long, long time.

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Photography/Videography: Dalton Young Weddings

DJ: DJ Yoni

Venue: Holiday Inn Fort Walton Beach