How To Be Comfortable On-Camera For Your Wedding

Video Transcript

Hi, my name’s Dalton. Destination wedding filmmaker and photographer. And I want to talk to you really quick about being comfortable on camera and how important it is to pretend the camera isn’t there. Sometimes people get stressed out, they get worried about how they look, and how they sound. And what you really need to understand… the very big picture is that we do this for a living and know how to make things look even better than they are sometimes. And how you may think, for example, you may not like the sound of your voice. Well, once we edit your voice a little bit, I mean, it’ll still sound the same, but once we edit it and then take out some of the other noises and then add a little bit of music in the background, you’d be surprised how beautiful your voice really is.

Right? And then also how you look on camera. Sometimes you may not want to look at the camera. You may not want to smile, but those genuine emotions that you would normally have when you conceal those, it makes it just not look as authentic in your photos and in your films. So the biggest thing that you could probably do is to do an engagement session with us. And during that engagement session, whether it’s photo or video, you will start to get comfortable with the camera. You’ll start to get comfortable working with us. And that’s one of the top things that I recommend doing. If you do feel uncomfortable, book an engagement session, that way you can kind of get those butterflies out of the way and get more comfortable with the process and have a better overall final product. So book an engagement session and also don’t stress about it.

Your wedding day is… there’s going to be a lot going on. And adding the pressure of how do I look? How do I sound? You’re going to make your wedding day even more stressful. So the biggest thing you want to do is focus on enjoying the experience, living for that moment, and trusting the professionals. That’s why you… it’s part of the reason you hire professionals, is to have someone who can take that image, take that footage and transform it into something beautiful. So trust your vendors, don’t be afraid of the camera, and know that you’ll have an amazing wedding day and just focus on the experience. We’ll talk to you soon.

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