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Hi. My name’s Dalton, destination wedding photographer, and videographer, and I want to talk really quick about something that many brides, I hear them talk about, but not usually during the planning process. It’s after the wedding, and the worst time to hear about something is after the wedding when it’s not a good thing. Having the right vendor team is the most critical element. Out of everything, you’re being offered, out of everything everybody else is doing, having a vendor team that actually functions well together is the most important thing you could possibly do because they will make or break your event. Your event and all your guests and everything that goes on is centered around your vendor team because you’re enjoying the event, your guests are enjoying the event, you’re living the event, and you’re dependent on your vendor team, so you’re expecting the food to be there, you’re expecting the DJ’s equipment to work. You’re expecting your photographers and videographers to work well together with that DJ. There are a lot of things that happen and having the right team is critical.

One way that brides do this is they will actually hire a company that offers multiple services. This benefits you in two ways. First of all, the reason is that you save a little bit of money, but usually, when you combine services with a company you can save some money. It may not be a significant discount. It may be a significant discount. It just depends on the company, but the point is you’ll save money when you combine services. For example, with us, if you do photography and videography together, you’ll save a little bit of money, but the biggest thing isn’t about saving money. Again, you’ll hear me talking in other videos about your experience. Your experience is more important than how much is it or what’s included. Your wedding day experience is everything because that’s what you’re going to look back on for the next 30 years. If you make a wrong choice now during planning, you’re going to feel that and remember that for the rest of your life.

Making the right choices, and having the best vendor team is important. When you hire a company that offers both, they have people that are already kind of vetted to work well together. Our videographers and photographers, mesh well together already. They get along. They know how to not block each other’s shots and they don’t get upset with each other, because you would be surprised, especially with photo and videography. It’s a creative outlet. It’s a creative thing, and everybody wants the best shot. Everybody has their way of doing things and they only care about their own final products and that’s where it gets messed up. Then that’s when people don’t get along, or you have a videographer and a DJ. The DJ doesn’t want to share his audio source for the wedding, which again, it’s their equipment. They may not want to share their audio. They may be grumpy about it or may turn your recording off in the middle because we’ll attach a recorder to their sound deck. They may turn it off in the middle if they wanted to.

We’re kind of out of control, and having a vendor team that meshes well together is important because it’s going to prevent those little mishaps. We’ve never had anything like that happen, but that’s because we focus on one person, and that’s you. We focus on the bride’s experience. Whenever I’m talking, me personally, if it’s not our photographers and I’m talking to someone else, or it’s not our videographers, or if it’s not our DJ. We don’t have DJs, but if it’s not a DJ we know, the biggest thing I always tell them is hey, whatever we need to do to make it work, we’ll do that. If I’m in your way, let me know.

If there’s anything you need from me, let me know, but my biggest thing today is not about me. It’s about the bride, so anything you hear me ask, it’s not for me. It’s for the bride because you are my number one priority. You’re the number one thing that I’m focused on because you hired me. It’s your big day. We want you. It’s not just the bride, of course. It’s the entire bridal family, but the bride drives the wedding. If you haven’t learned that yet, you’ll learn that pretty quickly. It’s your day, so I always focus number one and foremost on that. If you have a vendor team that doesn’t get along, you might have a lot of people that care only about themselves and that’s not good for you. That’s not going to be good for your final products. That’s not going to be good for your wedding day experience.

The other thing to think about is with that vendor team, you want to make sure your vendor team, as well as getting along well, you’re going to want to make sure that they perform well. It’s more than just experience and equipment and reputation and reviews. All those things matter, but what if they’re a heavy drinker? Sometimes you have vendors, especially… I’ve seen it with all vendors. I’m not even going to call out DJs specifically. DJs have a tendency to drink. Not all DJs, but a lot of DJs, you’ll see them more likely to consume alcohol. There’s nothing wrong necessarily with that. I’m just getting to the point as sometimes when people drink, sometimes they drink too much, and when they drink too much, that can affect your wedding day experience and that can lead to other mishaps. That can lead to mishaps.

No matter who the vendor is that can lead to mishaps and things being recorded. That can lead to mishaps, and the things that get said can just lead to a lot of mistakes, and sometimes getting drunk can lead to causing the bride to get her hair set on fire. Okay. That’s where I’m going with this. I’ve seen it all and you don’t want any of that. Okay. It’s not about them drinking. If you have someone that’s going to get drunk at your wedding, especially a vendor, that’s not considered appropriate. Again, to each their own. Just something to consider.

Having the right vendor team that portrays themself in a professional manner… so here’s the other thing. I didn’t even think about this. The vendor team, what about how the vendor team gets along with your family and your guests? What if you have a guest that comes up that’s not happy with your vendors because your vendor doesn’t treat them well, doesn’t respect them, or isn’t nice to them? Maybe they come off rude. That’s huge. Again, that affects your experience, and that all comes down to having the right vendor team and doing your own research, making sure you find the right people to do the right jobs that will bring a good experience, that will be good to go on your wedding day and deliver the best experience for you, your friends, your family, and just make sure everybody has a really great time. Just something else to consider.

If you have any questions during your planning process, feel free to reach out. I’m happy to help however I can. Whether you choose to work with us or not, you’ll hear me say that all the time, but it’s just the truth because I genuinely care. Again, do your research, and make an educated decision. If you need input, any opinions from me at least, or you have any questions about planning your destination wedding, feel free to reach out. Happy to help and be an open resource however I can be. Yeah. That’s about all I got with this. Again, hire the right vendor team. You won’t regret it. I promise you. My name’s Dalton and I will talk to you soon.

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