How to plan an outdoor wedding in Florida

Outdoor weddings can be a fabulously lavish way to blend your wedding theme into natural settings. However, when planning an outdoor wedding in Florida, you’ll need to be very mindful of your wedding date to be prepared for any weather that could affect your weddings, such as rain or very sunny weather. 

So figuring out the best date for your wedding is very important so that you can be well prepared for anything. Here are essential tips on organizing the perfect outdoor wedding. 

First things first, let’s talk seasons!

It’s important to keep an eye on the seasons when planning your wedding and picking a date. Surprisingly, summer is not the best time to get married in Florida! But if you want to have some fun under the sun at your wedding, Florida stays warm even during the spring and fall seasons because of its climate. So late November to early March happens to be some great options because of the mild yet sunny weather.

Alternatively, if you have your heart set on a date outside these ranges, here are some planning tips to help you get ready in case anything happens. These minor details can make a significant difference in keeping your wedding plans safely intact.

1.       Keep track of the weather

Being aware of the weather helps you have a solid plan. Knowing what kind of weather to expect on the wedding day leaves little room for surprises. There are plenty of weather applications you can download on your phone to keep track of the weather; that way, if anything goes, you can start discussing alternatives with your venue and planner. Most likely, they will already be experienced enough to handle any eventuality. Many outdoor deniers in Florida have an indoor backup option that they can prepare 5 hours before the start of your reception in case of bad weather.

2.       Focus on the full experience

No matter the weather, your primary concern should always be the full experience for you and your guests when planning an outdoor wedding in Florida. Your wedding should be everything you’ve ever wanted for your big day and an exciting day for your guests.

So while a wedding in the middle of the day under the hit and bright sun may seem like the perfect day for you, your guests may not share the same opinion. Even though it is your special day, you’ll also need to consider their comfort. An outdooring wedding in Florida could be met with a bright sun and unbearable heat.

In these cases, make sure to let your guests know you’re also thinking about them. You could create some practice party favors to make their experience a little more comfortable. Great favors for a hot, sunny day include sunscreen, a hat, a fan, a pair of glasses, and a bottle of water. These are especially great for a beach wedding; in case the ceremony lasts more than half an hour, your guests are covered with some sun protection staples.

You could also choose a special spot at your wedding venue that’s shielded from the sun. Make sure to discuss this with your venue as they will know the best place to have your wedding.

3.   Get a marquee

Most venues already have this option available if they offer outdoor wedding spaces. Part of the beauty of getting married in Florida is that most venues are flexible and understand that anything can happen with an outdoor wedding. Check with your venue and make sure they have the option to move the party inside in case of rain. Most of them don’t have any issue with this and will normally have a backup indoor venue ready when you book an outdoor space. 

Alternatively, you can talk to a few marquee rental companies with Florida wedding experience. They can help you put things together. If you want to set up some tents just in case, this is probably one of your best options.

4.   Keep the cake cold

A hot summer day can be as bad as it is a good thing. Your wedding baker should be aware of the summer temperatures so they can plan the best time to bring the cake around. If the cake arrives earlier than expected, then the venue should be able to store it and have a suitable space to keep it. The cake needs to be properly refrigerated until it is time to cut it.

5.   Be Mindful of Mosquitoes

Last but not least, always be mindful of mosquitos, which are in no short supply in Florida. Some solutions that might come in handy include adding candles to your tables to keep bugs away or a small spray or repellant that your guests can use in their party favors. They will love this kind gesture and appreciate not waking up to bites all over their body the next morning. 


Start Early

Planning an outdoor wedding in Florida is a bold move, especially in months with a high chance of rain, but hopefully, this short guide helps you work around any potential obstacles you might meet along the way. Above all, remember to stay calm and start as early as possible; that way, you’ll always be prepared for anything. 

Get a great photographer!

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Photography/Videography: Dalton Young Weddings