How To Plan Your Wedding Day Videography Timeline

Dalton Young Destination Wedding Videographer Holding Camera

Capturing the most memorable moments of your wedding day is essential, so hiring someone who is a full-time destination wedding professional and wedding videographer is a smart move. A videographer is a person who will perfectly capture those emotional wedding moments with your loved ones on film. Believe us, you will watch your wedding films over and over again, and you will fall in love with them every single time you watch them.

You might be wondering what your wedding videography timeline should look like, and this is why we thought it would be a great idea to lay it out for you from the perspective of an award-winning celebrity videographer.

If you hire a full-service production team, you can expect that they will be available to help well before you say “I Do” in your destination wedding ceremony. So, they will set up the equipment early and be up to the task of catching all the nuptial preparations on film. We are a full-time wedding videography and photography team, which means we are dedicated to shooting all the unique details of your venue, the dress, and the rings, along with some of the special moments of the couple getting ready to say their vows.

From personal experience, we have learned that moments like the bridesmaids toasting in their matching robes, letter writings, and vow readings, all the way down to artistic shots of the bride in front of a mirror during the final touches are amazing shots that should be in your wedding video. A professional videographer will be prepared and can even stage these moments, if not candid all while ensuring the best lighting and composition.

If you have a team with multiple wedding photographers and wedding videographers, then another videographer can be with the groom in the groom’s suite. This ensures those beautiful moments like the best man helping him with his tie or dad putting on his jacket are also captured to create a timeless cinematic wedding video.

Next on the wedding videography timeline would be the first look (if you are having one). This shot can be considered tricky to get the best angles, lighting, audio recordings, and more. We absolutely love getting this very special moment on film, is a privilege every time and some of the reactions are emotional and very memorable. As a team, we can cover every angle to make sure we get the reactions of both the bride and groom so that you will be able to relive all of the sweet emotions of the first look moment forever!

After your first look, you and your other half can have a photo session, so prepare to be a model! I highly recommend this when possible and timeline permitting. My reasoning being photos and videos at sunset will be stunning, but sometimes your makeup, hair, and freshly steamed attire may not be as fresh as it was after prep due to rain, humidity, or just warm weather like most Destin Wedding Photographers and Destin Beach Wedding Videographers deal with throughout the year. While a photographer takes many posed shots of the two of you mixed with a few candids, a videographer will focus primarily on capturing beautiful, cinematic, romantic, candid moments for the wedding video, and work in a few posed photos for the camera to give your wedding cinematic highlight film a more natural look.

Meanwhile, another member of the videography team will film the moments when the ceremony is being held before the guests begin to arrive. We believe you want everything included from your flower girls to your “I Dos” and we’re committed to capturing it. It is recommended to give the photographers and videographers 30 minutes prior to the ceremony starting on-site to get set up and capture moments. The wedding day should not be rushed, and building in time buffers will help ensure you stay on track as oftentimes timelines have a tendency to slip (especially when multiple locations are involved due to traffic and parking as well as coordinating the movement of guests loading and unloading their vehicles).

Your videography team should film all the magical moments of the ceremony, like saying your vows, the guests being escorted down the aisle, the groom waiting at the altar and the groom’s reaction, and even the floral and candle decorations and the musicians performing. And of course, the best part –  ‘You may now kiss the bride’!

After some family portraits and bridal party photos and videos during a lovely cocktail hour (where your second shooters can be capturing moments), we head into the reception. This session before the reception usually lasts about an hour on average. I also recommend giving your videography team 30 minutes on-site at the reception prior to the entrance to set up cameras, lights, and audio recording. During this time, you can have a private meal, bustle your dress, change shoes, or even just take a break.

From this point forward, everything can be captured by your videographers. You should ensure the creative teams are set up and ready before beginning the reception if you want to make sure everything is filmed and captured in its entirety for the big and sparkly entrance. From then forward, their duties continue by filming the fairy tale moments of the first dance. The toasts and speeches are a must when it comes to the timeline!

Destin wedding photographers and Destin wedding videographers use all kinds of equipment like additional lighting, lavaliere microphones, audio recorders, multiple cameras, and even a drone to take some dreamy video shots of the venue and surrounding areas to compliment the wedding film. Some fun dance party scenes should also be present on the wedding videography timeline.

As a full-time destination wedding videography and wedding photography team, we film every moment until the end of your wedding celebration. So we are there to capture the bouquet throwing, cake cutting, and even your iconic exit all on film.

These guidelines should help you during your planning process in order to have a stress-free wedding, and they are only recommendations. Your event may vary by location, weather, times of day, religion, etc. Now, you only need to plan your Destin wedding or adjust it to the timeframe of your special celebration. If you are interested in hiring the videography or photography team to capture those moments you wish to remember forever on your wedding day, head over to our contact page, and let’s hop on a call to discuss your wedding vision and what would fit your wedding best. You can discover more about our investments and bookings here.

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