Majestic Sun, Miramar Beach | A + M | Florida Engagement Photography

Engagements beautifully mark the beginning of beautiful chapters in life and are a great way to express love through creativity, especially with thoughtful and unique surprise engagements. No matter how times change, surprise engagements will never lose their charm. They will forever be one of the grandest and most romantic moments couples share in their love story as they journey on the path to forever—marriage.

Just when we thought we’d seen the most beautiful and thoughtful surprise engagement, Andrea and Mason came along and left us speechless with their own. 

These lovebirds, whose love story is the kind that inspires fairytales, have now taken the next step in their relationship, to say that we are overjoyed for them is an understatement. They had their surprise engagement in Miramar Beach, Florida. It was a beautifully extraordinary event and we can’t stop thinking about the radiant smile on Andrea’s face – it was more than enough to show that she meant every bit of her “yes” to Mason. 

What more?

While Mason proposed to Andrea, the Dalton Young Weddings crew was there to capture everything. Right from when he knelt down to the moment he slipped the ring onto Andrea’s finger, we got every magical moment worth cherishing especially Andrea’s look of pure delight as Mason put on her ring. 

The beautiful setting of this engagement made it even more special. As this unfolding love story played out on the beach everyone present could feel the love between these two ran as deep, if not deeper than the waters behind them. To add to the magic of this moment, the stillness of the waters seemed to pay homage to the serenity between these two. Everything about Andrea and Mason’s surprise engagement exuded simplicity and class.

We are sure that they will treasure every moment of their engagement. We were so happy to be a part of this moment with them and provide them with amazing photos that will always be there to remind them of this awesome day. 

Take a look at their beach engagement pictures

Catch a glimpse of Andrea and Mason’s engagement photos and relive the moment as if you were there.

Photography: Dalton Young Weddings