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It was a beautiful day at Pensacola Beach, Florida. But the beauty of the day paled in comparison to the beauty of the moments made that day. Alyssa and Joseph had decided to tie the knot on that day and had the love and support of their families and friends who converged at the beach to witness their joining and we were there to capture all the good memories made that day.

The bride was ushered in by her bridesmaid and as Joseph beheld his beloved in her sheath satin dress, he was overwhelmed with so much joy that only tears were his utterances. Alyssa looked like the morning sun, bright and beautiful, and as she walked down the aisle, hand in hand with her father, she mirrored the emotions of her husband-to-be, evidence of the bond she shared with Joseph.  It was a moment worth watching. With tears and joy, they exchanged their vows and poured sand to symbolize their joining, after which, they sealed it with the warmest and the most passionate kiss.

The reception happened indoors at Pier Suite Events. The decor kept it simple with a color palette of soft peach, white, and green as the background, and the soft light and table setting give the classically themed wedding a modern touch. The newlyweds, alongside the bridesmaids and groomsmen, busted into the reception area with a rather bubbling entrance. Then they kick-started the party properly with the couple’s first dance. It was a moment to remember, gently they danced to the rhythm of the music, with eyes on each other it looked like time slowed down to preserve the moment a little more, and the couple appeared to be enchanted with each other; they looked so in love. Of course, one cannot forget the mouth-watering delicacies that followed to keep the mouth of guests busy and while this was going on, the session was overlapped with heartwarming speeches and goodwill messages from family and friends, one that turned the moment into a rather emotional one.

Joseph’s brother, as well as Alyssa’s sister, was so overjoyed that only tears of joy would best convey their feelings as they rendered their speeches. The coupled responded with the same emotions they were given, a touching moment. The long-standing tradition of father-daughter and mother-son dance was not forgotten. It was observed duly and one could tell the bond they shared with their parents as they swayed gently to the rhythm of the music and whispered their motherly and fatherly encouragement to their children. Then the floor was finally free for all in attendance to make merry and this they did with all gladness. Then the evening was brought to a close as the family and friends formed an aisle of sparklers from the reception venue, ushering them out of the venue and into a new begging. Dalton Young Weddings closed the scene with such creativity and drama, as Joseph bent his new bride to kiss her romantic style. It was indeed a beautiful day, but the day was made special by the memories made that day.

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Pensacola Beach Wedding Vendors

Here are some of the best Pensacola Beach wedding vendors that came together at Pier Suite Events to make this wedding a success:

Videography: Dalton Young Weddings

Photography: Dalton Young Weddings

Venue: Pier Suite Events

Coordinator: Forever I Do

DJ: American DJs

Hair/Makeup (HMUA): Destin Mobile Makeup Box

Cake: Publix @ Paradise Key

Event Rentals: Events Styled by LUXE

Catering: Catering Culinary Catering 365

Bar Services: Richeys East