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‘Love is a quality of spirit and attitude of emotions, but marriage is a life’s work, a spiritual art, therefore this is an occasion of both profound joy and great responsibility, that Morgan and Robert are undertaking here today,’ said the officiant at the ceremony of this amazing couple. Morgan and Robert are best friends but also made for each other ‘beyond all reason and doubt,’ as the groom said. Their love is profound because it has withstood the test of time and that was what made covering this wedding as a Florida wedding videographer so satisfying.

The wedding was simple, but filled with warmth and affection as the couple is so well-loved by all those close to them and the groom had a pined photograph brooch on his lapel to remind him of the loved one who could not be there that day. A priceless moment in the Seagrove beach wedding video was when the bride could not hold back the tears whilst reading her vows. ‘You are kind, caring, thoughtful and so much more, God has blessed me with the most amazing man,’ said the bride in hiccups.‘Through every twist and turn through the end of time, I will love you,’ said the groom. The ceremony took place on the beach, it was simple yet magical. The reception was a time of laughter as all the friends of the couple made speeches, ‘if ever I’m in jail he’s the man I’m going to call but I’m going to have to call him twice because he’ll just ignore the first call.’ The couple shared dances with their parents and grandparents and as the reception was at the beach house, it was very family-oriented and intimate. Karaoke was a fun part of the reception that was featured in the Seagrove beach wedding videography and most of the guests pitched in.

Watch their 30A Beach Wedding Video

Enjoy watching their 30A Beach wedding highlight video! We are thrilled to have been your destination wedding videographer and thank you for trusting us to capture your big day.

Dalton Young Weddings Review by Morgan & Robert

Morgan & Robert share their wedding experience working with Dalton Young Weddings.


Hello. My name is Morgan, and I am Dalton Young Weddings’ bride. I and my husband just got married last month, on December 12th, in Seagrove. We had Dalton as our videographer for our wedding day.

                I cannot say enough good things about him and the work that he did. I actually just got our wedding video back today.

                Me and my husband were just flawed by the quality, the details, and just the level of care with the entire video. He made sure to capture every little detail I wanted to be captured, and he did it beautifully.

                He willingly accepted every request I had for certain things I wanted, just all of the detail he put in to make the video perfect for us.

                I found Dalton about four or five months before our wedding day. And I had originally decided not to have a videographer for our wedding.

                It wasn’t really in our budget, and we just thought we would skip it. But then I found Dalton, and I was like, “Maybe we should have a videographer.” And I am so thrilled that we decided to not only have a videographer but thrilled that we decided to choose him.

                He was very punctual, he was so kind, and he was personable with every guest he encountered. And that’s just a small touch, not every vendor’s going to be that way. It was wonderful and refreshing to have that in Dalton.

                The quality of our video is something you would find on television. It’s fabulous. The songs he chose, and the camera quality itself were perfect. He captured everything so beautifully.

                I’m so thankful for him. I’m thankful for the way it turned out. You cannot go wrong with choosing Dalton Young Weddings to be your videographer for your wedding day.

                He will blow your mind, and he will make your day all the more special. And when you get to look back at the video and relive those special moments through the way he captured the video, it’ll just bring back so many wonderful memories.

                I was in tears when I watched our video back. It was such a blessing. And he was a blessing to us on our wedding day, and we’re so thankful for him.

Santa Rosa Beach Wedding Vendors

Here are some of the best Santa Rosa Beach wedding vendors that came together at Point Washington Preserve to make this wedding a success:

Photography/Videography: Dalton Young Weddings

Photography: Christina Griffith Photography

DJ: RG1 Productions