Seascape Resort, Miramar Beach Florida Family Photography

Family portraits are not only the perfect mantelpiece or decoration for your home, but are an excellent bonding experience for the closest people in your heart and home. 

Undeniably, there is an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and security when we look at family portraits, it seems almost impossible that all our treasured memories can rest on one page. Admiration, pride, joy, and gratitude are just some of the ways family portraits can overwhelm us with emotion, and all we ever want to do is show them to people. 

After long periods of travel, setting your eyes on your family portrait once you walk into your home can satisfyingly ground you by reminding you of what really matters. No matter the losses we experience, a family portrait holds all our experiences together, sometimes all you need is a face to remember a once forgotten memory. Portraits appear simple, but they go a long way in showing and reminding us of our most treasured moments as a family. 

More beautiful things about family portraits?

They remind us of even the tiniest of details that we thought we forgot. They pull us back to the most exciting days of our lives together.

Just like memories and stories, family portraits are also part of our legacies and can be passed down to the next generations. That way, we don’t just hold them close to us, but we get to share them with everyone after us and give them a sense of belonging and security by knowing where and whom they come from.

When we reflect on those times in the picture, we are reminded of the emotion we felt at that moment when the picture was taken. Whether the joy of being together or the slight frustration that it was taking too long, whatever it was we felt that day is worth remembering. 

Dalton Young Films & Photography is here to help you and your family create an amazing piece of family history that you and your family will cherish forever, just like Jacqui’s family portrait.

This photo was taken at the Seascape Resort in Miramar, Florida. Jacqui’s family photography session was a joy to have and all kinds of wonderful. Their smiles were adorable and heartwarming, we could tell that this family loves each other by the way their joy shines through just by being together to experience this movement. 

Everyone around us was a bit obsessed with their photography moments and everything about the picture is so endearing. 

Take a look at their Beach Family Portrait

Catch a glimpse of the Nipper Family portrait and relive the moment as if you were there.

Photography/Videography: Dalton Young Weddings