Shalimar Yacht Basin Proposal | A + C | Florida Engagement Photography

A proposal is a beautiful first step of a lifelong journey, and we were glad to be there for Connor’s proposal to Aisleen in the bay. We were overwhelmed with admiration for this beautiful couple and were honored that we got to photograph their proposal in this unique setting. 

So you’ve probably heard about beach proposals, but have you ever seen a proposal on the water? We got to experience this deeply personal moment in Aisleen and Connor’s love story when Connor asked his girlfriend (now fiancee), Aisleen, to marry him onboard a Catamaran on the bay, on a clear day in early September. 

The serene, deep blue waters were the perfect backdrop, symbolizing the depth of love shared between these two – which we managed to get amazing pictures of as they looked into each other’s eyes. 

The Catamaran Sail Boat was provided by a company called SpiderCrab Charters, they offer luxury sailing experiences on the bay. This was a particularly creative and exciting engagement and we could just tell Aisleen was overjoyed by the thoughtfulness and effort that went into planning this special occasion. 

Connor proposed with a beautiful feminine, minimalist engagement ring that Aisleen loves, we could tell by the way she was fondly gazing at it after the proposal. It also perfectly matches her bubbly personality. We’re sure that they will cherish these proposal photos that make a great addition to their love story in pictures. 

Just because proposals tend to surprise doesn’t mean that they can’t be caught on camera for some beautiful memories. Dalton Young Weddings helps couples memorialize these beautiful memories that should be a part of your love story with our specialist proposal photography services. Contact us today to see how we can help you plan and picture the perfect proposal.

Take a look at the Shalimar Yacht Basin Proposal pictures

Catch a glimpse of Aisleen and Connor’s proposal photos and relive the moment as if you were there.

Photography: Dalton Young Weddings