Should I Write Wedding Vows On Wedding Day?

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dalton, a destination wedding videographer and photographer. And I want to talk really quickly about letter writing. Writing your own letters on your wedding day. A lot of people write their wedding letters in advance and have them ready for the wedding day. That’s phenomenal. That’s actually a good idea to actually think it out and write it beforehand, that way you can do your research. Make sure you say the things you want to say and not the things you don’t want to say. You get what I’m saying. So what I’m getting at though is on your wedding day, what’s a really cool shot is actually you writing your letter again, if that makes sense. So write your letter in advance, or type it up, however, you want to do it. But on your wedding day, if you bring a pen and paper, and I’m not talking ruled paper like you would see in high school, I’m talking about just a blank copy, white paper. Or even you could even go upgrade to a different kind of paper. To a nice type of textured paper or whatever.

But what I would say is on your wedding day, have a pen and paper, and you’re just going to basically rewrite your letter, or copy your letter onto a new paper. But the reason you’re doing this is for video and for photos to show you in the middle of the writing process because you spend so much time and thought into that letter, that personal letter to your bride or groom. And what’s a really cool shot is us recording you actually writing a letter. And it may say sound weird or dumb, but it’s really a good shot, and we’ll get a shot, maybe you in front of a window catching the natural light and just show you writing those letters. And then we’ll run some audio in the background of maybe even the vows or the actual letter reading if you have us record the letter reading for the film, having some of those, overlay it, it just turns out really nice.

The other shot that we get, so we get like a front shot, a wide shot of you actually writing the letter, but another really cool shot, and probably one of my favorite shots is shooting over your shoulders. So I do this sometimes with letter readings, and it looks really nice. We can do it with the letter reading or we can even do it with the letter writing where we shoot let’s say, you’re writing, you’re looking down, we’ll come in over this shoulder from behind you, and shoot over your shoulder and kind of use your shoulder and your neck as foreground. And your neck and shoulder will kind of blur out, because that’s the foreground. And then we’ll be focused on the pen and the actual writing and the actual ink laying down. And it looks really good, just a nice little shot. And then the reason I’m bringing this up, it’s just a lot of people don’t think about this shot. They think, “Okay if I’m going to write letters or my vows, you can do it.” It doesn’t have to be your letter, like a pre-ceremony letter. It can be your vows.

Most people don’t think about this before their wedding day. I mean they think about it and they write them, but they don’t think about rewriting them for the video or photos. It just looks really good. And just something to consider coming in with a nice pen and nice paper. You don’t want to come in with a pen with some medical company branded on it and then some college-ruled paper when you were in high school. So just again, something to think about, a really cool shot, getting the letter writing shots and then getting that over-the-shoulder shot. Just makes a nice little piece to really show the emotion and the time and just the planning that went into your event. So just something to think about.

If you have any questions while you’re planning your destination wedding, or you’re getting married in Florida or anywhere in the world, we travel. But the biggest thing is if you have any questions while you’re planning your wedding, and you don’t know what to do, maybe it’s your first wedding, your second wedding, or you’re getting married somewhere you’ve never got married before, feel free to reach out. I’m happy to be an open set of ears and someone to bounce an opinion off of and get some honest insights from someone who does this full-time. And that’s whether you choose to hire us or not, we’re here to act as a planning resource for you regarding whatever it is in order to help you have the best wedding day experience. My name is Dalton Young, and I look forward to talking to you soon.

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