Symbolism of Beach Wedding Sand Traditions/Rituals

Just like other traditions, rituals, and ceremonies, the sand tradition signifies a lot of things, and it is made up of a lot of symbolism.
Weddings on the beach are classy and glamorous, with the tranquillity the soft wind provides the environment with. However, it can never be complete without the sand tradition being observed. The sand ritual, like every other activity required at the wedding, cannot be skipped for any reason.

How is the tradition performed at weddings?

First of all, the presence of the couple and the guest would be needed. Then on a table would be placed three different vessels that the groom and bride would hold individually, and also the one that the grains from the individual vessels would be poured into.

What does the sand tradition symbolize?

Just as you already know, everything that happens from the moment of the sand tradition to the main wedding activities is all about the couple and ushering them into the new phase of their lives.
So basically, the sand tradition symbolizes two different individuals from different backgrounds being joined together to become one with the sand on the beach where they stood that day making them inseparable. It also signifies a fresh beginning, new creation. It also signifies hope, morals, values, and dreams.
The Sand tradition is very simple and straightforward and does not have a compound way that it can be screwed up. It can be completed in a duration of 5 to 10 minutes.
There are different ways that the sand tradition can be planned. The couple can either provide all that it is needed, which are just the table and the vessels for the sand. Or, they can make plans for it to be brought from elsewhere.
The sand tradition is basically for the couple who are tying the knot. However, exceptions can be made for couples who are remarrying and who already have children. Hence, the children of the parents can also participate in the ritual which would stand as a bond and foundation for the new family that they are creating.

Photography/Videography: Dalton Young Weddings