Terri & Peter Bos 25th Anniversary

Couple watches fireworks celebrating Florida wedding anniversary.
Terri & Peter Bos watch fireworks as they celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

From a Bentley to Fireworks! Saturday, August 7th, Dalton Young Weddings had the opportunity to film the 25th-anniversary event for Terri & Peter Bos of Legendary, Inc at the beautiful Regatta Bay Golf and Yacht Club. Here is a quick sneak peek!

Witnessing a 25th wedding anniversary is nothing short of a profound experience. To see a couple like Terri and Peter Bos who have spent a quarter-century together in deep love and commitment and to cover their anniversary celebration was a privilege for a Florida wedding videographer like myself. The celebration took place in the Regatta Bay Golf and Yacht Club and all of the couple’s friends and loved ones attended, ‘one thing Terri and I have been so blessed with is that we have such awesome, awesome, friends!’

The husband Peter had carried a photograph of a blue Bentley in his wallet for 12 years and on the day of his 25th anniversary, there was a surprise car reveal as the couple sat in their new car and everyone cheered on. ‘Not everyone can say they’ve got friends for 30, 40 years all around them everywhere and they’re loyal to them and care about them in good times and bad and here you all are,’ said Peter tearfully at the evening dinner unable to control his emotions as his wife hugged him. There were a lot of hugs and murmurs of ‘congratulations’ all around and into the dinner as well.

‘For this guy standing next to me, I don’t know what in the world I did that the good Lord thought I deserved him and I’m so glad he dropped him in my lap when he did,’ said Terri in her speech when expressing her love for her husband. I’ve seen many wedding films, but nothing compares with this couple’s dance at their anniversary party because their love is one that has endured and is built on hard work and compromise along with the passion that young couples display on their wedding day. The meaning of true love and commitment is epitomized by Terri and Peter and we all have much to learn from them.

Destin Beach Anniversary Vendors

Here are some of the best Pensacola Beach wedding vendors that came together at the Emerald Oasis to make this wedding a success:

Videography: Dalton Young Weddings

Photography: Sarah & Paul Photography

Venue: Regatta Bay Golf & Yacht Club

DJ: Highlight Weddings & Events