The Best Season to Plan a Florida Wedding: Everything you need to know

Florida is known as the Sunshine State for a good reason. If you’d like to have a Florida wedding but are unsure about the best season to have one, we have good news. You don’t need to worry too much about the weather because its excellent climate makes it easy to have a wedding any time of year.

Florida is a popular location for destination weddings. It has venues for various wedding settings and styles, from rustic farm weddings to exotic beach weddings or elegant ballroom events. As much as you can’t control the climate, there is a good chance that Florida weather will still be good enough to hold a wedding in, even during Winter. 

Of course, just like anywhere else, bad weather is inevitable, and you might get rain – especially during the monsoon season. But plenty of indoor venues are just as charming as outdoor ones. 

Take a look at the Sunshine State through the seasons so that you’re better prepared to plan your Florida wedding.

Winter Weddings in Florida

Florida’s Winters aren’t as cold as in other parts of the country. They are, in fact, the mildest in the continental United States. In addition, Florida is the warmest state, with average temperatures of 71 degrees as of August 2022. In contrast, the national average is just over 50 degrees in states like Indiana, West Virginia, and Illinois. 

If you’d like a wedding in what is usually considered “Winter months” but would like to escape the cold, then there’s no better place to have your wedding than in Florida. Even the best times to visit South Florida are from December to April. Florida’s Winter runs from December to March, and the average lowest temperature is 53 degrees. In contrast, the average highest temperature is 78 degrees. As for rain, typically, these months have no more than six rainy days on average. 

If you’ve always dreamed of a Winter beach wedding minus the snow, here’s your chance to experience it. But keep in mind that temperatures can still drop, especially at night. So hosting a beach wedding in the Winter might be a little tricky as, over a few days, the temperatures could drop to about 40 degrees. Then, of course, they get back up again in a few days, allowing you to enjoy warm weather, but avoiding those unsuspecting cold days can be challenging. 

However, thorough planning and preparation can shield you from any possible scenario. To be safe, book a venue with a covered area or an indoor space that can be flexibly used with its outdoor space. This way, you have a backup plan in case of unpredictable weather. 

Spring Weddings in Florida

Spring is by far the most popular season for weddings. While the rest of the country shakes off the lingering feeling of Winter, Florida is one step ahead and in full bloom from late March to May. Florida’s Springs are fresh and sunny; they aren’t very humid, so you can expect crisp, clean air. The temperatures range from 70 to 88 degrees. 

As Spring is probably the most popular time to visit Florida, you can also expect a crowd, which is the only downside. You may also see many people on the beaches or trying to get on the beach for their wedding. So if you’d like a little more privacy for you and your guests, you can find a venue with private beach access. Luckily, this isn’t uncommon, and there are plenty of venues that specialize in beach weddings and can guarantee you an exclusive and intimate event. 

Summer Weddings in Florida

Summer is another popular wedding season; Summer sunsets make for picture-perfect scenes and beautiful beach wedding backdrops, or cocktail weddings on a charming farm with a rustic-themed wedding. But if you’re planning a Summer wedding in Florida, prepare to get wet! The temperature gets high during this time, and there is also a higher chance of rain. Florida experiences the most fain from June to September, and it can rain almost daily. But after a heavy downpour, the clouds clear up, and you can expect the blue Summer sky to reappear again.

And just like Winter weddings, if you plan to have your Florida wedding in the Summer and want an outdoor event, you might want to look into venues with an outdoor option. This way, if it rains, you can move your party indoors. 

Temperatures range from the mid-70s to the high 80s during summer, so it’s best to have an event indoors or in a covered area if your want an outdoor event because the sun can get a little intense. Florida receives stronger sunlight than the rest of the US, so don’t forget your sunscreen!

It is also good to mention that hurricane season arrives in Florida during late summer. Even though the risk of experiencing a hurricane is very low, it is something to consider. Most couples factor this in their decision-making. Make sure to thoroughly check out weather forecasts for your expected wedding day and the climate history of that area. The great thing about Florida, however, is that it’s so big, so you’re options are limitless. You could always comfortably find a venue in a location that won’t be too affected by hurricane season. 

Fall Weddings in Florida 

Florida experiences fall from October to December, which is another lovely time of the year to spend outside. The heat is not as intense as it is during Summer and varies from 79 to 85 degrees. You will also see more people outside, like in Spring, to enjoy the mild temperatures and moderate humidity. 

The good thing about Fall is that there are far fewer visitors; more venues are available, and they might even be more affordable since it’s the off-season for tourism. 

It is also very unlikely to rain during the Fall. So you can have your dream beach wedding without worrying about rain or crowds. It’s definitely the most convenient season to have your wedding in Florida. 

To wrap things up

Springtime months of March, April, and May are the most popular months to visit Florida, seconded by the fall months. November and December have grown in popularity over the last decade, making up for some breathtaking weddings. Still, bookings around the holiday season can get expensive. Either way, you are bound to have the best time of your life!

Having a Florida wedding is always a fantastic idea. Because of its geographical location, it experiences a sub-tropical climate throughout the year. You don’t need to go to a different country for an exotic wedding. 

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect in different seasons in Florida, you can comfortably start picking dates. There are many venues to choose from with limitless setting options to match your theme and vision. 

Come rain or sunshine, Dalton Young Weddings has been there to help couples make the most of their wedding by creating precious memories. So if you require videography and photography services for one of the best days of your life – we would be more than delighted to help. Contact us today to discuss how we can capture your big day.

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