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Elopements are incredibly romantic affairs, but even more so when the couple elopes with their family so they can share the life-changing day with them too. ‘If you would have told me 2 years ago that I’d get to marry the man of my dreams today, I’d have laughed. And I don’t mean a little lol like I would have really laughed hard.’ The ceremony was a simple one, right on the beach as all wedding videographers love, with a simple altar, pink fabric, a rustic assortment of flowers, and a small wooden swing. ‘I don’t know what the perfect woman is supposed to be like, but I do know you are the perfect one for me,’ said the groom as he read his vows. The elopement was a symbol of their deep commitment and shared love; ‘deciding to spend the rest of my life with you was the easiest decision I ever made.’ The couple knew just what was important, which was their bond and loved ones so they didn’t have a super fancy wedding but it was truly a heartfelt and joyful one. They brought their two beautiful sons along dressed alike and looking dapper! It is not often weddings in Panama City Beach that are this laid-back but it really fit and all the guests had a swell of a time. The bride was led by her father to the altar, ‘I’ll see you at the end of the aisle,’ she said to the groom. The reception was adorable, and casual like a great family BBQ with drink cans, cake, foldable chairs, and a view of the water. The groom even smothered cake all over the bride’s face when they cut it and it was all laughter and cheers. The couple’s dances with their parents at the reception were priceless moments captured in the Panama City Beach wedding video.

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Enjoy watching their Panama City Beach wedding highlight video! We are thrilled to have been your destination wedding videographer and thank you for trusting us to capture your big day.

Panama City Beach Wedding Vendors

Here are some of the best Panama City Beach wedding vendors that came together at the Opulent Pearl Beach House to make this wedding a success:

VideographyDalton Young Weddings

Photography: Stacy Landers Photography

Rentals: Gulf Coast Wedding and Event Rentals

Catering: Runaway Island PCB

Planner: Princess Wedding Company

MC: GTS Entertainment (Gulf Talent Services)

DJ: DJ Sunshine Cheri