Tips To Get Amazing Video Footage During Golden Hour & Blue Hour

Couple walking along beach during Golden Hour.

Getting excellent video footage around sunset does not happen simply by coincidence, but is desirable at most weddings! Therefore, we want to tell you what golden hour wedding videography is about, why it is important and our videography tips to make the best use of it. Whether it’s to be shot on the day of your wedding or for the pre-wedding videos, we know that you’ll absolutely love the results!

A warm and visually appealing light that’s impossible to get at any other time of the day. The golden hour ends when the sun appears (in the case of sunrise) or just when it disappears (in the case of the sunset).

In the case of the blue hour, it is that sliver of the day just before the golden hour (in the mornings) and after the golden hour (at sunset). It’s that moment when the sky loses its yellow and orange tones, followed by intense yet ethereal blue tones – transitioning towards twilight. This is why one of the main characteristics of the blue hour is that on the horizon we can begin to glimpse a wonderful transition of the hues.


The blue hour usually lasts about 20-40 minutes, depending on the season and of course, weather conditions. The golden hour can be from 30 minutes and even up to 1 hour, also depending on the same factors and the geographical position. If the sun is low on the horizon and it is summer, then the golden hour can last longer.

How to take advantage of the golden hour?

Here are some videography tips for making a once-in-a-lifetime wedding video:

  • Timing

Usually the golden or blue hour takes place during the reception, so to make the most of your ethereal portrayal, you need to plan it right. We advise consulting with your vendor and time it properly. 10-15 minutes is all you need to ensnare the magic!

  • The position is important

It will make a big difference if you stand in front of the sun, or with it behind you. For example, if you are looking for a soft and warm light, you can turn your back to the sun and choose the first rays of the dawn or the last before the sunset, if you want to achieve those tones. Remember that your positioning is one of the most important steps when it comes to perfect wedding videography. 

  • Take advantage of the shadows

Many people have no idea that the shadows are also a characteristic of the golden hour. The light creates elongated and soft shadows that you can make use of in golden-hour wedding videography because the position of the sun is at a horizontal angle in the sky. So, make sure you work with the shadows to make a spectacular wedding video – this is one of the most effective videography tips we can offer you.

  • Seek the best light

Light is essential when it comes to filming a perfect wedding video. Find the best light and angle with the help of your videographer in order to make a professional and gorgeous video. Just be original, be yourself, and you will get a wedding video to remember. 

  • Enjoy the tones

The golden hour is that instant, approximately, just before the sun rises or just before sunset. It’s best to arrive at the location where you want to shoot your video a half hour before, to ensure you get the spectacular orange-yellow tones that will make your film truly magical. Feel free to experiment!

Looking for twilight videography or golden hour wedding videography professionals? Make sure you contact us for more videography tips and enjoy your golden hour session!

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