Top 10 Beach Wedding Mistakes (& How To Avoid Them)

  1. Location
    Location is everything they say! Although beautiful, consider the amount of travel involved by car, plane, or boat to get to your destination. You should have the wedding of your dreams, but be aware not everyone may be able to make it due to distance or finances. Consider a secondary reception upon your return!
  2. Crowds
    Often couples see pictures of quiet, serene beaches, especially public ones. These photos or videos are often done in the off-season or early morning. If getting married on a public beach, getting married in the off-season or early morning may reduce the large crowds, beach balls, and drunk patrons around your event in public spaces.
  3. Local Permits
    Many “self-planning” brides may not realize that many beaches, cities, or communities may require special event permits for the couple and/or vendors associated with the event. Once you have chosen your location, check with the city/community regarding events and if permits are required to ensure your event isn’t stopped in action!
  4. Sand & Shells
    Often a sign of uniqueness and serenity, be aware of how the sand and shells may impact guests having to walk on it, carts not rolling well on sand, ring bearers accidentally dropping the rings, or the long access walks and stairs for guests who may be elderly or handicapped.
  5. Water Tide
    Understanding the tide can impact your wedding location. Be aware of when the tide is both high, and low, for your event date. You can learn typically with a quick online search. Also, note any tropical disturbances that may cause a storm surge in your local area as the event approaches.
  6. Your Surroundings
    Did you notice those beach trash cans in the background of your photos/video? What about the cheap rainbow color umbrellas from the department store clashing with your elegant wedding color palette? Being aware of the surroundings for your event can help you plan better for the wedding day you desire and the final results you deserve.
  7. Unplanned Weather
    Have you thought about your “Plan B” if a thunderstorm occurs? As you may know, the weather around oceans can be unpredictable at times, and also may take time to relocate or get guests off the beach. Keeping an eye on the radar and weather patterns can help you make educated decisions for backup plans!
  8. Wind & Humidity
    It’s a beach! Seriously, the wind and humidity are often no joke around the water. Your guests aren’t able to hear you, your hair frizzing and makeup melting, or the audio recorder from your videographer capturing wind only and not vows. Finding the best angle for your event from the wind and keeping a short and sweet ceremony can make a huge difference. You may also want to get your portraits done prior to the ceremony.
  9. Heat & Sunshine
    If you do have beautiful weather, then consider the amount of heat and lack of shade on many beaches. Providing bottles of water for guests, and paper fans, can help keep guests comfortable, and cool, and provide shade! Heat exhaustion for elderly guests and children is more common than you may think on a long-wedding day.
  10. No Parking
    Whether a lavish beach house on the main drive, public beach access, or reserved event space in a restaurant. Lack of parking is often the #1 thing we see at events. Not only do guests miss the ceremony they traveled to, but even vendors are unable to make it at preferred times, guests and vendors often have to move their cars around, and cars get citations or towed can be common. Plan for extra parking accordingly.

Photography/Videography: Dalton Young Weddings