Top 10 Engagement Locations in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Love is wonderful, and if creating magical moments with the person you love fills you with immense joy, why not do it forever? When you finally decide it’s time to take the next step and plunge into married life, you’ll probably want to make it as memorable as possible. Picking out the best locations for an epic proposal is one way to make it special.

We’ve picked some of the most extraordinary places in Panama City Beach to make your proposal. So whether you live in Florida, or are only here on vacation, perhaps pop the question at one of these spots for a proposal you’ll never forget. 

     SkyWheel Panama City Beach

Nothing says above and beyond like an engagement atop a Ferris wheel. So if you’re looking for an incredible Panama City Beach proposal, then there’s no place more unique than SkyWheel in Pier Park. The SkyWheel towers nearly 200 feet above the Gulf Coast, giving you and your partner a fantastic view of the emerald waters and white sugar beaches. You and your love will be sure to cherish this scene forever. 

SkyWheel opened its doors in 2018, so it’s still relatively new and unique. And to top it off, they even offer a special engagement package that you can customize to your and your soon-to-be fiance’s tastes. They’ll take care of all the details and are open all year long; you only have to show up and get ready to pop the question. 

       Camp Helen State Park

If you and your love enjoy nature, and taking in gorgeous landscapes is one of your past times, then you might love a proposal at Camp Helen State Park. The park not only borders the Gulf of Mexico but Lake Powell too (the largest coastal dune lake in Florida), making it one of the most popular spots for Panama City Beach engagements. 

The incredible dunes, quiet beaches, and natural beauty of the park create an unmatched romantic experience. There are a lot of fun activities to do, such as kayaking or trailing. You can plan a fun date with your loved one and then settle for a surprise proposal at sunset. Both of you will be sure to love it.

     Firefly Restaurant

Firefly restaurant is not your average beach restaurant. Apart from its incredible seafood menu, it has a unique whimsical decor reminiscent of a fairytale story. Their main dining room replicates a Mediterranean Bistro atmosphere. It has a grand oak tree in the center decorated with fairy lights. 

They offer a ‘casual fine dining experience’ and are the perfect setting for a Florida restaurant engagement. In addition to its many other awards, it was named the most romantic restaurant in the Us by Open Table. A great night should be coupled with great food; their award-winning cuisine is prepared with much thought and attention to detail. They also have a very diverse menu, so there is something for everyone. 

   Grand Lagoon Cruise

The Grand Lagoon, also known as Panama City Beach’s ‘Gateway to the Gulf, is the easiest and most popular way to access the Gulf used by locals and tourists alike. With Panama City Beach water sports, you can create a unique proposal experience on the water.

Panama City Beach is known to have some of the best views of the sunset. And if sunsets look breathtaking from the shore, imagine how much better they would be seeing them from the water. So booking a sunset cruise will create a beautiful experience. Imagine the serene waters, with the sunset as your background and its vibrant reds and yellow coming down as you take a step towards a new chapter in your life; wonderful, isn’t it? And not to mention, there are dolphins here too! These interesting sea creatures are sure to brighten your special day even further. 

     Conservation Park

Conservation Park is another perfect location for couples who like to explore nature. This park creates the perfect backdrop for your engagement with its beach setting and beautiful natural landscapes. 

Plus, there’s an unpaved trail you can take a short walk on for a bit of adventure before you pop the question. This amazing park would make for a touching Panama City Beach proposal. Most trails here end on a beach, which is probably why many couples love exploring it.

     Aaron Bessant Park

Aaron Bessant Park is one of the many great things you can find in Panama City Beach and an excellent place for you to get down on one knee and propose. The 70-acre park has a vibrant atmosphere and hosts some of the most exciting events in the area; some world-famous musicians have visited and played at this park. And the best part about it is that it’s only a couple of feet away from the beach! After all, what’s a Florida engagement without a beautiful beach behind you?

It has a great open, grassy area for a romantic picnic and 3 looping trails that you can go on for a quiet walk. So whether you decide to pack a cute lunch or go on a light stroll (or both!), you’re bound to have an awesome time. 

   Gulf World Marine Park

It’s not every day that you get to swim with dolphins, but at Gulf World Marine Park, you get to do just that. So if you love animals and are looking for a unique or unusual setting for your Panama City Beach engagement, you must check out this place. This location is even better because their staff can help you plan your special day, so it all goes smoothly. They also offer other fun interactive activities with sea lions and penguins.

     Airboat Adventures

Experiencing Florida at its finest can only be done with the help of Airboat Adventures. They can provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be one with nature. Here you have the chance to ride the Gulf waters of Panama City Beach and pop the question while doing it! 

If you love a bit of thrill-seeking fun, then this alligator airboat tour is an excellent choice for your Florida engagement. Your partner will surely be delighted. Take a Helicopter

When love is in the air (in this case, literally) and you want to go over the top for your proposal, then a helicopter tour is exactly what you’re looking for. Think about it – the beautiful waters and the lovely beaches will be below you, and you get to create a truly unique experience that your partner will surely enjoy. Once you decide on a Panama City Beach engagement, you must be prepared to go big! It’s quite a remarkable way to start a new chapter in your love story, one you’ll be sure to remember for the rest of your life.  Go underwater

Last but not least, we’ve given a few options above the water, but have you thought about going underwater? Snorkeling can be a tricky way to propose, but it will surely make for a one-of-a-kind engagement. 

The azure waters and the excitement of experiencing marine will definitely make some fabulous memories. And if a proposal is in the works here, even better! It will be one adventure that you will cherish and remember always. In this case, the only thing you need to remember is to try not to lose the ring underwater!

We hope that this list gave you some fun and exciting ideas on how you can plan your Panama City Beach engagement. We know that you’ll pick the perfect place for your proposal. 

Also, if you need someone to eternalize these beautiful memories you are about to make, feel free to contact us! We will happily provide you with our celebrated videography and photography services for your big, romantic gesture.

Photography/Videography: Dalton Young Weddings