Use A Silent Shutter During Wedding Letter Readings

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Hi, my name is Dalton Young, destination wedding videographer and photographer.

I want to talk really quickly about shutter clicks and your letter reading. So in the video, we like to record your letter readings or your vow readings, or even it’s a pre-ceremony prayer or a first touch, right? Or first look, I would highly recommend you have your photographers, our photographers, or whoever it is use something called a silent shutter, provided their camera has it because what happens when we’re recording you reading a letter or if you’re reading a letter or you’re having a prayer or whatever it is, we get everybody out the room. We get everybody else to be quiet, right? We don’t want anybody in the room. We’re going to tell everybody, “Hey, y’all step out.”

Because here’s what happens, when we’re recording these letters, other people get emotional and we don’t want to hear other people’s emotions as much as we want to hear your emotions and the other person, whether it’s a dad, a groom, a brother, sister, mom, whoever, whoever’s doing that moment with you, we want to hear their reactions. But what happens when you have people standing around watching, either people are talking because they just don’t respect it or you may not be crying, but you may have someone behind us crying and it doesn’t make sense because we’re looking on the video camera. We’re looking at the two of y’all and you hear someone else crying and it’s “Who’s crying?” That’s how it sounds. It doesn’t look good.

So we’re going to get everybody to leave the room. So that we have the private moment and then it’s going to be super quiet and then we’re going to record that audio. And then here’s what happens in the middle of it. If the photographer does not have a silent shutter turned on, you’re going to hear this click, click, click, click, click. I mean, it doesn’t say click, but it’s like a tsk, tsk, tsk, and you’re going to hear that snapping sound through your entire letter reading and that’s not something we can get rid of. You’re going to hear that in your video. We can work to get rid of certain parts of it, but the problem is when we start removing certain parts of that, when we remove that information, that data from the editing timeline, it also removes some of your voice, right? Some of the actual letter reading and it wouldn’t just make more sense for us to just leave it in there.

So something to think about, and it just makes it a lot easier on everybody else during the editing process. When you get to this point, it’ll make a better film, ask your photographer to do a silent shutter. That way you don’t hear that snapping sound throughout your entire letter reading and they may have it on for other things. That’s fine. But specifically during those letter readings, it’s very intimate. It’s very quiet. It’s usually a very passionate moment and we don’t want to have a lot of other outside noises feeding in.

If that happens, let’s say you’re doing your letter reading and that’s when you realize you hear the snapping and you’re, “Oh no, I didn’t tell him to silent shutter.” That’s okay. Here’s how we handle this. We usually have the photographer leave the room and then we do it all over again. We’re going to ask you to read your letter again, just with us in the room, that way this doesn’t happen again. And that we can get the best audio quality for your letter readings to make the best final product for you. That way you can do it without distractions, because of that snapping sound, that shutter clicking, it makes a lot of noise, especially in a quiet room, right? Because most rooms, if you’re reading inside a house, most rooms have a natural reverb kind of like this one does. But most rooms have a natural reverb to them. And that reverb just echoes that sound even more. So it sounds like they’re snapping their camera in a tunnel. So it’s just going to echo a little bit more and it just makes it really obvious and it can be distracting. So just something to think about.

If you have any questions while you’re planning, any other wedding tips, any other wedding video questions, photography questions, just general planning questions, whether it’s your first time getting married, you’ve never been here before and getting married, whether it’s on the Emerald Coast or somewhere else, or maybe it’s your second wedding and it’s just been a while since you did this whole wedding thing, feel free to reach out. We’re happy to be a resource. And I genuinely care about your wedding day experience and for you to have an amazing wedding day. So if you have any questions, reach out. Whether you choose to work with us or not, we’re happy to be an open ear and kind of a sounding board so you can get some better ideas and inputs to make the best wedding decisions possible by talking to someone who does this full-time, day in and day out, and just lives and breathes it. So my name’s Dalton Young and I look forward to talking to you soon.

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