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Your wedding day is finally here, and among all the preparations you have to think about, the most important one is – the wedding photographer. It may seem an easy task, but it’s vital to find the right one, who will know how to capture all the beautiful moments from your special day. You must be sure that you are making the right decision, and that is why we will let you in on some wedding photography tips necessary for choosing the right professional.

The best thing to do is think about the images you want to have from your wedding day. Choose the style you want for your wedding photos, whether you want a modern, photo-journalistic, or trendy and fashionable style.

And, of course, every photographer will have their own unique style. So, get to know their previous wedding photography portfolio and see if their style of shooting suits your taste.

Additionally, you should think of what type of service you need. Is the work of the photographer limited only to the wedding day or do you want a pre-wedding photo session, or maybe even shots of the rehearsal dinner?

Once you have made the decision about the style you want, and have a certain photographer in mind that suits your needs, you should set a budget, and see what options are available within your budget. If not, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations.

Your wedding photography should be viewed as an investment, so think of these images as your visual legacy. In our opinion, the cheap option of turning to a family member or a friend who knows something about taking pictures and is willing to shoot at your wedding can be a risky business. Always bear in mind that wedding photography is fast-paced, sometimes stressful, and there are not really any second chances. Long story short, it is not easy and requires some expert logistical skills.

The conclusion when it comes to the budget is that it’s best to keep an open mind and think about whether it is really worth spending a certain amount to get the photos that you want. The wedding industry tends to be a “you get what you pay for” industry and investing in someone with a phenomenal track record and who goes above and beyond to design an amazing wedding day experience is what creates lifelong memories worth remembering.

Another tip is to use multiple sources available to find and review possible candidates to ensure you are not just hearing (or seeing) what they want you to see on their website or portfolio. Sources like reviews on Google, Facebook, WeddingWire, The Knot, and other bridal sites can be critical to making an informed decision regarding your wedding day vendors. Once you have finished your search, it is recommended that you make a final list of the wedding photography teams you like the most. We think it’s best to keep the number of finalists to no more than five. 

Your next job is to go more in-depth and get to know them better, along with their past work experience. Start with viewing their work completely and thoroughly. It is important not to trust only a few photos that you may have seen on their Instagram account – you need to see their full (or larger) portfolio.

Once you find the photographer that fits your needs both creatively and creates the best experience, then move on to financial investments. In the end, of course, a written contract is essential because this will clearly list all the wedding photography services that are agreed to be provided. It is recommended to have in writing what you wish to have on your wedding day, along with actually reading the contract to ensure you understand both your commitment and the commitment of your vendor.

If you want to know more about what a true, professional wedding photographer should offer, contact Dalton Young Weddings. We are here to help whether or not you are working with us, as we are proud to be a popular Florida wedding photography and videography team for prominent couples ad celebrity brides!

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