What Category of Bride Are You?

As a Wedding Videographer/Photographer, we have noticed that there are different types of brides in every wedding, some are emotional, some are cool with everything, some are perfectionists and the list goes on. We have identified different categories of brides in this blog post and we want you to tell us which category you fall under. This should be fun!

The Minimalist Bride

The minimalist bride understands that less is more, she likes to keep it simple, not too ambiguous, or over the top. She likes simple calm colors and goes for minimal decoration. Her wedding dress is gorgeously simple and trust me she definitely can choose to go without a makeover on her big day. That is how simple she can be.

The Perfectionist Bride

The perfectionist bride wants everything to be perfect, no mistake, she pays attention to every detail of the décor, the arrangement of the buffet, the groom’s hair, and the bridesmaid’s makeup. This bride wants everything to go exactly as planned.

The Emotional Bride

The emotional bride tears up during great moments like seeing the groom during the first look, seeing her mum for the first time after she’s all dressed up, and watching her Dad come forward to walk her down the aisle. Best believe she would also tear up while reading her vows and listening to her friend’s speech during the wedding. The emotional bride best expresses her excitement with tears. Don’t get it twisted, these are tears of joy.

The Anything-Goes Bride

The anything-goes bride does not like stress, she is ok with anything the event planner comes up with, everything is fine as long as she doesn’t have to stress herself. She is open to every suggestion on how to make her day great, she does not complain about anything and she would rather enjoy every bit of her day than give anything the chance to spoil her mood.

The Sweet Tooth Bride

Just like some of the guests, this bride is there for the sweets too, she’s so excited about the cake cutting and desserts while cutting the cake she is so excited and goofy during the whole process. We have noticed that brides who like sweets are also more likely to be agreeable, friendly, and compassionate.

In conclusion, you can fall under one category and these 4 category does not entirely define the amazing brides we have met so far. Please kindly let us know in the comment section which kind of bride you were on your wedding day and which kind of bride you think you will be if you are not married yet.

Photography/Videography: Dalton Young Weddings