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Wedding photos are beautiful but one cannot deny the fact that unlike the organized look of wedding shoots, an engagement shoot has a unique way of projecting the precious and private moments of a couple. One that exudes a sense of freedom that allows the couple the laxity of capturing their unique taste and individuality, different from the formal look of a typical wedding shoot. This was evident in the beautiful engagement photos of Meggie and Tim, creatively captured by Dalton Young Weddings.

The shoot happened on the beautiful beachside of White Point, Niceville, Florida. The couple kept their outfits simple. Meggie wore a black A-line gown and Tim a blue jean on a milk colored sweatshirt, giving the photo a sense of naturalness. With the relaxing atmosphere in the background, it looked like a photo stolen from a beautiful regular day with the couple together. Some they stood holding hands, some they laughed so naturally, some they sat on the white beach sand looking into the horizon, all the while basking in their serenity of the atmosphere and experiencing love while at it.  Though a photo, but so realistic everyone could almost feel the serenity and the love captured from the atmosphere. Love couldn’t look any better.

We are beyond excited for their Niceville, FL wedding this fall!

Watch Their Save The Date Engagement Video

Enjoy watching their love in motion as their save-the-date video is the perfect reminder to guests planning to attend M+T wedding day!

Take a look at their beach engagement pictures

Catch a glimpse of Meggie and Tim’s engagement photos and relive the moment as if you were there.

Photography: Dalton Young Weddings