Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Hashtags In 2022

Wedding hashtags are a fantastic way for your wedding day to shine in today’s digital world. With most people spending a significant amount of time daily on social channels, it’s an excellent place for you to showcase your love story. And using a hashtag to collect all of your wedding’s lovely photos in one location makes it easy for you, your friends, and your family to quickly and easily see all of your photos, allowing them to reminisce about the glorious day. But, when many couples start planning a wedding, it’s common to get wrapped up in brainstorming wedding theme ideas and forget about getting their wedding hashtag. Therefore, it’s essential to create a hashtag for your wedding early in the wedding planning stages to maximize its exposure throughout the engagement. 

Wedding Hashtags, The Why’s, The How’s & The Best Ideas

One of the most enjoyable aspects of wedding planning has to be coming up with a cute, quirky, or punny wedding hashtag. But, before you start creating jokes with your prospective spouse, consider this: Is it really necessary? Wedding hashtags aren’t exactly new, but there’s a reason why they’ve remained popular for so long.

Why You Need A Wedding Hashtag In 2022

Unless you’re having an entirely unplugged ceremony and reception, your guests will almost certainly post photos to Instagram during or after the event. A personalized hashtag is a quick and straightforward method to keep track of all of those fantastic moments, many of which you’ll miss. Plus, it’ll encourage friends and family to share photos on social media in the first place, allowing you to amass even more priceless behind-the-scenes mementos—because your wedding photographer is incredible, but they can’t be everywhere at once!

And it might even be enjoyable to create it: consider it a branding opportunity for you and your future spouse. We like to say your wedding hashtag is like your slogan for life. But it’s more than just a cute or funny phrase to add to your images; it collects all of the photos in one place for you and your loved ones to see. With a unique hashtag for your wedding, you can open Instagram or Facebook whenever you want, search for the hashtag, and relive all of the memories. That’s why you need one. 

How To Get The Perfect Wedding Hashtag

Some couples might find it easy to come up with the perfect wedding hashtag. Maybe because they’re pretty witty with words, or they have a last name that has just been waiting to be in a hashtag. But, for most, creating a fantastic hashtag for their wedding requires some effort. So, if you’re not a wordsmith or the creative type, we have good news! You don’t have to come up with your own wedding hashtags. There’s help!

Wedding Hashtag Creator

One of the best ways to create the perfect wedding hashtag for your event is to hire a professional wedding hashtag creator or writer. My favorite is the Wedding Hashers! Professional wedding hashtag writers or services are an excellent choice because they have great expertise in creating unique hashtags. You don’t want to have a wedding hashtag that’s being used by hundreds of other couples, right? If you did, it would mean all of your wedding photos would be grouped together with theirs, making it extremely difficult to sift through.

Wedding Hashtag Creation Company

Also, don’t forget that hashtags aren’t only for Instagram photos; they can also be a significant part of the wedding decor and theme. Wedding hashtag ideas can be used in the wedding cake and signs to provide a coordinated ‘wow’ effect. Professional hashtag writers are more likely to be creative and experienced authors, which means they’ll develop more original ideas. Hiring a professional writer is an excellent choice if you’re not very gifted with words.

Wedding Hashtag Generator

A wedding hashtag generator is an internet application that allows you to enter personal information and receive hashtag suggestions. Because the procedure is automated, some results may not be ideal and may even be generic. However, it considers various options based on the names and numbers entered. Wedding hashtag generators provide some very creative results, but they may be used by other couples as well. 

Instagram Wedding Hashtag Generator Screenshot

Basic information such as your name, your partner’s name, nicknames, hobbies, and other details are entered into the hashtag generator, then the software spins the words around and kicks out results. Because a wedding hashtag generator is a computer, the hashtags may be common and most likely not unique to you unless, of course, one of you has a complicated name. 

Using a wedding hashtag generator is a fantastic idea if you’ve run out of ideas and are stuck because of a mental barrier. You’re under no obligation to use any of the hashtag generator’s suggestions, and there is typically no cost to use them. And even if you don’t love any of them, it may provide enough inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. It’s also an excellent place to start if you’re having difficulties deciding on a style for your wedding hashtag.

Wedding Hashtag: DIY

Of course, you may always write your own hashtag for your wedding. Many couples do it, and we’ve seen fantastic wedding hashtag ideas. And you don’t need to be a wordsmith, have a fancy English degree, or even be a great writer to accomplish this. After all, you’re the one who knows your love story best, and you’re also the one who knows your personality inside and out, so coming up with a wedding hashtag may be a breeze. Here are a few tips on how to DIY your wedding hashtag. 

Think of Shared Interests/ Hobbies

One of the critical elements of the perfect wedding hashtag is to make it unique, right? So, adding some flair or style by including your shared interests and hobbies will help to make it more personal and unique. But remember this, you don’t want to make the hashtag super long. That’ll be hard to remember. Try to keep it simple and catchy.

Ask Your Friends & Family To Help

Another great way to DIY your wedding hashtag is to include your friends and family. Ask them for their ideas. You never know, one might be perfect, or they could spark some other ideas in your mind. And if you really want to have fun with it, invite them over for an evening of hashtag brainstorming, good food, and tunes.

Wedding Family Instagram Screenshot

Top Ways To Include Your Hashtag In Your Celebration

Now that you know why you need a hashtag and how to get one, it’s time to discuss how to market your hashtag. People have to know about your hashtag to do its job. So, scream it from the rooftops and put it on everything. Start at the beginning right after the engagement; add it to your wedding website, include it in your stationery, and more. It’s essential to use it throughout the planning stages. Here are some ideas for including your hashtag on your wedding day. 

Wedding Invitations

Whether you are doing a digital wedding invitation or a physical one, your wedding hashtag is a great addition to personalizing your invite! All of your wedding stationery could include your hashtag. Think about the Save-the-Date cards. That’s one of the first things your guests will receive, so make sure it has your hashtag. And then especially your wedding invitations. 

Wedding Invitation Instagram Screenshot

Wedding Signage

Signage is an essential item at weddings, and they’re awesome opportunities to showcase or market your hashtag again. From welcome signage to drink signs, table cards, and more. Signs can be utilized throughout the ceremony and reception to remind guests and family members to tag any photos or videos with your love slogan or hashtag. 

Wedding Favors

Another great idea is to have your wedding hashtag front and center on your wedding favors. This is one of the last things the guests will enjoy about your wedding, and many will even take it home, so yes! It’s definitely a great place to add your wedding hashtag.


Oh, yes! Photobooths and interactive entertainment at weddings are two of our favorite things. If your event will have a photo booth, utilize it as an additional opportunity to display and promote your hashtag. It’s a terrific method to remind and encourage your guests to use your hashtag.

The minor details, like your hashtag, set the tone for an exhilarating, mind-blowing, and unforgettable wedding experience. It allows you to keep everything from the fantastic wedding proposal to the wedding send-off online in your social photo album by using your unique wedding hashtags.

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Your Love Story Mantra

A customized wedding hashtag serves as a motto for your love story and can be utilized throughout the planning. But, it doesn’t have to only be used for your wedding day. Many couples utilize their hashtag throughout their relationship, from engagement to “I Do” to the epic honeymoon and everything in between. Heck! Your hashtag can become your life’s slogan, and it can be used to commemorate future milestones such as obtaining a pet, buying a house, or having a child. Every central turning point in your love story will be remembered. Without a doubt, wedding hashtags are the most efficient method to revisit and relive your big day for years to come. 

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