When you think about your wedding day, what kind of experience do you imagine? 

A day of happiness, fun, and stress-free, luxurious bliss! A day where you get to sit back, be present in the moment, and feel like the whole world revolves around you. 

You get that when you work with us.

You can trust in our process and our experience to make your wedding film collection exceed your wildest dreams and high expectations. 

But our clients don’t just hire us for our wedding videography. It's more than a film – it's the experience of working with a high-energy team that treats you like a life-long best friend. A team focused on more than just our work, but the entire wedding day itself and every intricacy of it. We strive to make this day a magical experience you will never forget. 

The films are just icing on the cake!

Wedding videography for lovers of luxury 

By the time your wedding day rolls around, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll have all the information we need to capture your day exactly as you want it, and we’ll review timelines with your vendors so everyone has plenty of time to do what they need to do and you don’t feel rushed. 

Your wedding film collection will be delivered up to 12-16 weeks after your event. Exact delivery dates depend on our workload at that time. We deliver your collection in an online, shareable gallery format, so you can easily share your memories with family and friends. Note: We do not offer sneak peeks unfortunately.

3. Capturing and preserving your precious memories 

Once you’ve signed your contract and paid the initial retainer, we will send over a confirmation that your event date has been secured.

You’ll receive an event questionnaire to gather all of your details around 3 months before the event. If you have a shorter engagement, you’ll receive all information immediately at booking.

2.Preparing for your special day

After you inquire with us, we’ll reach out with a brochure detailing all of our wedding film collections. You can also schedule a phone session so we can get to know you better. 

If you choose to schedule a call, we’ll discuss your wedding vision, details about your event, and which wedding collection fits best with your needs. You’ll make a selection and we’ll send over a proposal and retainer payment schedule. 

From this meeting, you have a week to book with us. We'll put your date temporarily on hold while you iron out the details. We’re happy to answer any follow-up questions within that week via email or phone! After one week we cannot guarantee we will be available for your wedding date.

1. Getting to know you 

our process

Perfectly captured wedding videography

Frequently Asked Questions

Every wedding day is different, however, we suggest allowing at least 6-8 hours of coverage for your event. Normally, we cover from 30-60 minutes before the end of bridal prep through to the last main event you want covered  (cake cutting, bouquet toss, grand exit, etc.) This allows us to capture everything from your special day without anyone feeling rushed. You can always hire us for longer if you need more time! 

We film in a cinematic, photojournalistic style. You can learn more about our filming style and view our past work for yourself in our gallery.

Visit our investment page below for current rates and collection options. Travel for Florida, South Georgia, and South Alabama is included with all collections. We offer competitive domestic travel as well.

Wedding Investments

We Offer A Variety Of Payment Options:

  1. Complete The Standard 50% Retainer
  2. Request A Custom Payment Plan
  3. Enjoy 10% Off by Booking In Full

Note: All payments are considered service retainers and are 100% non-refundable.

We do not include client music selections or suggestions with our services. If videography services are provided, music selected for videos is subject to Vendor's discretion only, and will include commercially licensed songs. Song selections or edits are not permitted as entire videos are edited to music, and many popular songs are not available to be licensed, or available at a reasonable fee.

We do not include revisions to services and products rendered. Our clients hire us with trust in both our product, and agree to throughly reviewing our portfolio to understand our creative style and how it varies. If additional changes are requested, at our discretion, we may allow the request and require additional editing fees. Revisions timeline ranges from 4-8 weeks upon revisions request, if and when approved.

Effective September 1st, 2022, we no longer offer drone services. An excellent alternative is to hire a local, FAA Part 107 licensed and insured drone operator to ensure event coverage and also venue, local, and federal authorization clearance. This will allow for dedicated operation, high-quality content, and the ability to provide additional coverage options at different times. We will need a 100% copyright release signed by drone operator for use of photos, video, audio, and any other media for use in our products.

Yes, to align with our style, some common things we do not record are well wishes from family & friends, interviews, wedding party interviews, family photo portraits, food, etc. We use our time wisely to capture the details we need only. We shoot with our edits in mind, and we do not continuously record. For example, if you have 3 hours of open dance floor, we will only be recording a few minutes worth of the best dance moves (not 3 hours of twerking).

Your wedding gallery will be delivered within 12-16 weeks. At delivery, you will receive a link to an online gallery to view and share your film(s). We do not provide sneak peeks for video coverage. Please note that 'Trailer' films are delivered along with final wedding films. If you need your films sooner, we do offer additional delivery services during the booking process. Also, we do not offer same-day edits.

While Dalton does shoot a limited number of weddings, we deploy a team of highly-trained wedding professionals to ensure coverage of all levels for our wide array of events. If interested in booking Dalton personally, please request an autograph collection.

It depends on your collection. We encourage all of our clients to add a 2nd shooter to ensure that no angles are missed and provide flexibility in multiple locations on your wedding day!

For video, we take a variety of creative shots throughout the day. Many shots we take are perfect, but many also may be duplicates or not perfect (yes, we are humans still). We deliver you the absolute best moments we capture from the day so you will receive the best we have to offer! We do not include any raw video, audio, or other media in any of our collections. We do offer a variety of edits utilizing the footage, with our FOMO Raw Documentary Edit being our most popular way to your full day in display.

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